CV examples, samples and tips for UK Jobs

Employers spend on average 6 seconds scanning a CV before making a decision. Job seekers' CVs have to be effective and eye-catching to stand a chance. Like our CV examples tailored to each industry. Copy, adjust and use them at your convenience!

CV examples: top 10 in the UK

Check out our top 10 UK CV examples that have been custom-created for a wide range of industries and roles. These samples provide an overview of well-crafted CVs that highlight essential skills, experiences, and achievements most valued by UK employers.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, there’s a CV example here that can guide you in creating a compelling and job-winning CV!

Good CV examples for the UK

Discover more CV examples that have proven successful in the UK job market. Tailored to different fields, they offer insights into impactful layouts, skill showcasing, and personal statement writing.

Find a CV example for your job title

Academic CV Examples

Are you about to write an academic CV? Searching for research positions? Or looking for the perfect graduate CV example? Regardless of the scenario, we've got you covered with the CV examples below.

Education CV example


Use this education CV sample to showcase important skills.

Resident Assistant CV example

Resident Assistant

Create a strong CV with the help of our resident assistant CV sample.

Administration CV Examples

If you work in administration, you need to be well-organised with a keen eye for detail. Managing phone calls, writing memos, and being adept at many administrative tasks are just a few of your skills. Demonstrate them with our administrative CV examples.

Administrative Assistant example CV for office support

Administrative Assistant

Highlight top skills like communication and attention to detail to impress recruiters.

Personal Assistant CV example

Personal Assistant

Show off a mix of interpersonal and organizational skills by following our sample CV.

Business CV Examples

Are you looking for finance CV examples? Or just trying to find new ways to outline your outstanding career with a winning CV? From experienced professionals to recent graduates, our curriculum vitae samples cover all types of business-related positions.

Account Executive CV example

Account Executive

Find CV writing inspiration to land that account executive job.

Banking CV example


Show off your financial skills with a banking CV sample that stands out.

Carer CV Examples

If you are looking for a job as a carer, it is important to have a CV that will make employers take notice. Our carer CV examples provide a template to help you create an eye-catching document that showcases your skills and abilities.

Stay-at-Home-Mom CV example

Stay At Home Mum

Learn what to include in your CV if you’re a stay-at-home parent.

Nanny CV example


A good balance of soft skills and technical skills will make your nanny CV stand out.

Creative CV Examples

Do you need to showcase your creative skills? Then check out our creative CV examples and demonstrate your skills for a role which includes elements of art, animation, design, VX/FX or production.

Acting CV example


Whether you’re in theater or film, our acting CV sample will help set the stage for your career.

Cook CV example


Match your creativity with key technical skills to create an impressive cook CV.

Healthcare CV Examples

Trying to convince hiring managers you have the needed healthcare competencies? Our professional CV examples will help you show you have the skills, medical education, and expertise required for the job position you’re applying for.

Case Manager CV example

Case Manager

Show you’re ready to handle the demands of case management with our CV sample.

Medical CV example using the Kingfish template.


Create a strong CV that focuses on your certifications and technical skills to get hired.

Other CV Examples

No matter the field you're in, finding a job can be tough. Whether you are trying to write a school leaver CV or applying for volunteer work, we've got you covered. Our skills based CV examples will provide you with the inspiration you need to create an attractive document that will make employers take notice.

Athlete CV example


Use our tips to capture your experience and list of skills.

Accounting assistant CV example

Accounting Assistant

Learn how to best highlight your bookkeeping and file maintenance skills with our accounting assistant CV.

Public Safety CV Examples

Are you looking for a way to use your security training? Then, you might want to apply for a security officer position. Discover our professional CV examples and write a CV that will highlight the relevant skills and draw the right kind of attention.

Prison officer CV example

Prison Officer

Show you can perform well in pressure situations following our prison officer CV sample.

Police officer CV example

Police Officer

Advance in your career using our police officer sample CV as a starting point.

Sales CV Examples

Are you just starting out on your professional sales journey? Or a seasoned sales professional always hitting sales targets and aiming for a promotion? In any case, you need a solid CV just like the ones from our examples.

Car salesman CV example

Car Salesman

Write the perfect CV using our CV sample as a base.

Leasing Consultant CV example.

Leasing Consultant

Impress recruiters and land that managerial position with our sample CV.

Teaching CV Examples

Are you attempting to showcase your teaching experience? From preschool teachers to teaching assistants, our education CV examples cover all types of roles. Pick one and get inspired to write yours.

Elementary Teacher CV example

Primary Teacher Cv

Craft a well-rounded CV with key skills for teaching in an elementary school.

Special Education Teacher CV example

Special Education Teacher

Showcase your knowledge and skills following our expert CV sample.

Technical CV Examples

Are you looking to apply for a technical job? Then you need to showcase your technical knowledge and technical expertise on your CV. Have a look at our sample CVs and learn how to write a CV most efficiently.

Logistics CV example


Showcase your specialized knowledge and skills with the aid of our perfect CV example.

Game designer CV example

Game Design

Match your creativity with key technical skills to create an impressive game design CV.

Why do you need examples of CV?

Professional people who benefit from our CV examples.

Looking at examples of a CV is a great way to get a better understanding of what employers look for in potential candidates. They provide insight into the CV format, structure and style of CVs that have been successful in the past, allowing you to create an impressive CV that stands out from the crowd.

Using CV examples and CV templates can help you craft an effective document by providing guidance on how best to highlight your skills and experience. You can also use them as inspiration when creating professional CVs.

By taking the time to review different examples of a CV, you’ll be able to gain an understanding of what works well and which elements should be avoided or modified. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to tailor your own application documents and CV design, so they accurately reflect who you are as a professional and give yourself the best chance at your job application!

When constructing a great CV it’s best to begin with a sound format, a CV template and/or samples of CVs able to pass applicant tracking systems. Have a look at our CV builder to access CV samples and advice, and create your own curriculum vitae today.

Additionally, if you intend to apply for a job, you’ll need a CV and a cover letter. Consider using a cover letter builder to find templates and examples that will help.

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Example of a CV - a breakdown

Having a professional and effective CV is essential to securing an interview and landing your dream job. To ensure you create the best document possible, it’s important to understand what each part should include.

In this section, we provide a breakdown of the different parts of a CV so that you can craft the best one possible for you.

Example of CV - a breakdown

Good CV examples UK job seekers appreciate generally consist of the following key sections:

  • 1. Personal Details – This is where you should include your name, contact information, and any other relevant personal details.

  • 2. Personal statement – Your personal statement, also called a profile or CV summary, should be a short summary of who you are and what you offer as a job candidate. It should also include any key skills or qualities that make you stand out from other applicants.

  • 3. Core qualifications – This includes all the CV skills relevant to the job you’re applying for usually listed in the form of bullet points. For example, this could include soft skills, hard skills, technical skills, specialist skills, transferable skills or interpersonal skills, such as strong customer service or the ability to effectively handle
    customer complaints.

  • 4. Experience – This section includes details of your work history (including start and end dates of previous jobs), company names, job titles, duties performed, and other related career achievements.

  • 5. Education – Here you will provide information about your educational achievements and academic achievements, such as the names of schools attended, graduation dates, courses taken, and any qualifications you have received.

  • 6. Language – The language section of a CV should include any relevant language skills, such as proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in a foreign language, as well as any globally-recognised language certifications earned.

  • 7. Other sections – Note that additional sections may appear on your CV. They should be added to provide more detail into an individual’s qualifications and background. Find some of the most popular ones below.

Examples of CV: other sections

  • The Interests & Achievements section should include hobbies or activities related to the job. Including any awards or achievements related to your professional work might also be helpful.

  • The Professional development section of a curriculum vitae should include information such as courses taken, qualifications acquired, and achievements related to one’s professional work.

  • The Conferences section of a CV should include details such as the titles of conferences attended, the topics covered, and any awards or recognitions received from attending.

  • The Affiliations section in a curriculum vitae should include information such as any professional organisations or clubs you belong to and any awards or recognitions received from these affiliations.

  • The Awards section of a CV should include a few bullet points with details of recognitions and awards received for previous work, such as industry accolades, certifications or other professional accomplishments.

  • The References section is where you can provide contact details for two professional referees who can vouch for your abilities and professionalism.

CV examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is a CV example?

An example of CV is a document that demonstrates how your CV should look and provides guidance on what content to include. A good CV example could be a real person’s CV that was used to land a job, or it could be a CV made for a fictitious job seeker. In either case, a good, professional CV sample should assist you in understanding what hiring managers are looking for and steer you in the direction that will best match the job description when creating your CV.

What are the most popular CV examples?

The most popular CV examples are those related to business, healthcare, creative jobs and education. Other popular examples include CVs with no work experience, self-employment roles and career change roles. Each industry has its own needs so the most popular example will vary from job to job.

What should I find in a good example of a CV?

When looking for a good CV example, you should look for one that is well-formatted and easy to read. It should include contact information, job title, career objective, work experience (if applicable), an education section with the relevant qualifications and achievements, any additional skills or languages spoken as well as any certifications.

The CV layout should be consistent throughout and clearly highlight strengths and accomplishments. An example of a good CV should also showcase a writing style so employers can gain insight into how a candidate communicates through text.

How can I use a CV sample?

You can use a CV sample as a template for creating your own customised and professional CV. It can help you determine what information and formats to include, such as the ideal length of your CV, which sections should be listed in order of importance, and how best to showcase your skills and experience.

The best CV examples will also provide you insight into language choices that emphasise relevant qualifications for the job you are applying for. You can also look at how others have written their CVs to get an idea of how best to structure yours.

Who created these CV samples?

The CV samples you can find on this page were created by CVHelp career experts, specializing in the UK job market. They can help you start your writing process with examples for creating an even more effective CV perfectly adapted to the needs of the UK job market. You can use these examples as references to build, tweak, and create the best version of your CV.

How do I write a good CV UK example?

Writing a good CV UK example requires careful consideration of the job you are applying for and what employers are looking for. Make sure your CV is tailored to the specific role, highlighting relevant skills and experiences that meet the requirements of the job. It should also be concise, well-structured, include contact details, skill highlights, and key achievements and accomplishments.

Additionally, make sure it is written in proper UK English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. To ensure your CV stands out from the crowd, use keywords related to the role you are applying for where applicable and try using action verbs to begin sentences that describe a particular skill or experience. Finally, don’t forget to proofread before sending off your application!

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