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  2. CV templates vs resume templates
  3. Why you should use a CV builder
  4. The benefits of using a CV builder
  5. Tips for using a CV builder
  6. FAQ: CV Builder

CV Builder

It doesn’t matter how many job applications you send out. If your curriculum vitae (CV) doesn’t look professional, it can seriously hinder your chances of finding a job. This is because recruiters and hiring managers will be looking for well-formatted, properly written CVs that clearly show your skills and experience. 

A coherent CV provides recruiters with all the information they need to consider you for the job, whilst your CV writing also indicates that you’re able to create documents to a professional standard.

Here at CVHelp, we’re experts in helping people like you find jobs. So allow our knowledge and expert tips to boost your chances of landing your next role. Our free online CV builder lets you whip up a professional CV in no time.  

When you launch the builder, you’ll pick a CV style; then you will be taken through your CV section by section, and prompted to enter your information and experience to create a top-notch professional CV.

CV templates vs resume templates

The term CV stands for “curriculum vitae,” which means “course of life.” For this reason, a CV is often longer. While a resume can fit on one page, a CV is at least two pages long, and oftentimes, much longer. The formats of both CVs and resumes tend to be similar, too. However, a CV tends to be more complete and detailed, while a resume often only includes the highlights of your career.

Why you should use a CV builder

Anyone can use a CV builder. If you are applying for a professor position with a university or for a research grant, fellowship or similar, you will want to write a CV. A CV builder can make the process much easier and faster. It walks you through the step-by-step process and provides tips and suggestions to create a more effective CV. A CV builder will also have matching cover letter templates so your job application is polished and professional.

The benefits of using a CV builder

You can use Microsoft Word when making your CV. But a CV builder has many advantages over the usual word processor. Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages:

Quick and easy to use

A CV builder can save you a lot of time and energy. You only need to fill in prompts, answer questions and select a template, and your professional CV is ready to go.

Use the proper CV format

Everyone wants to get their dream job. Using a CV builder can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers by suggesting the proper CV format based on your career experience. With a CV builder, you don’t have to worry about following the right CV format. You can simply focus on including all the right information about your career and let the CV builder handle the details.

Create customized CVs

Scan the job description for keywords that the recruiter used, then use these keywords in your CV to increase your chances of getting past an applicant tracking system (ATS). Our CV Builder is supported by a plethora of articles on writing a winning CV and cover letter, and you can also get personalised guidance in our live chat and on our forum! So whatever you need help with when it comes to your CV, we’re here.

Easily track CVs

A CV builder saves your CVs for you so that you can easily organise and keep track of them.

Create a matching cover letter

If you select a design for your CV, the tools will create a matching cover letter design for you which will make a more effective job application.

Tips for using a CV builder

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of a CV builder:

Try several templates

When using an online CV builder, you can choose from the best CV templates. CV builders often come with many professional CV templates and even CV samples. You can view your CV in several different templates until you land on the perfect CV format to fit your needs.

Play around with CV designs

The design and layout of your professional CV are one of the more important elements of writing an effective CV. With a CV builder, you can easily make your CV visually appealing to a hiring manager to entice them to read your entire CV, thus increasing your chances of getting a job interview. Additionally, a good CV layout portrays your skills, such as attention to detail, which are highly valued in a competitive job market. The graphic design of the CV can be adjusted in a CV builder without needing a graphic designer.

Check out other tools

When using a CV builder, consider looking at other included tools, such as CV templates, CV examples, CV designs, expert advice and use the CVHelp Cover Letter Builder to match your cover letter template to your CV.

Include all the right information

When you’re writing your CV, you want it to be your very best. You need to include the right details while making your CV enticing and readable to the recruiter. Using a CV builder helps you focus on the most important aspects of your work experience, including any research work. The CV builder will prompt you with questions and structure your information in the best possible way.

If you want to create a CV that can help get you your dream job, consider using a CV builder. A CV builder will choose the best design and layout to present your academic or research career information effectively, while having an ATS-friendly template to help shorten your job search journey.

FAQ: CV Builder

Q: What is a CV builder?

A CV builder is an online tool that lets you quickly and easily make a CV by allowing you to add information and customise pre-made CV templates. A CV builder is a great way to create a professional-looking CV in a short space of time. The CVHelp CV builder is an excellent place to start if you want to succeed with your next job application. We also have an array of CV examples and templates available for you to view and tips and advice from our experts on writing your CV and cover letter.

Q: Can I make a CV for free?

Yes! Our online CV builder is free to use. All you need is information about your skills and experience to add to your CV. You can even upload an existing CV, and our CV builder will extract the information for you to populate and update your new CV.

Q: What is the best CV maker?

The CVHelp CV builder is the best around for a few reasons. It has a vast range of templates and pre-written text snippets, and it’s been created by recruitment experts to wow potential employers and help you get a job with our suggestions and easy step-by-step guidance.


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