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Table of Contents

  1. Sales CV example
  2. How to use our sales CV examples and tips?
  3. What are employers looking for in a sales CV?
  4. How to pick the right format for your sales CV?
  5. How to write a sales CV?
  6. Sales CV examples you can use
  7. More CV examples and tips
  8. Write a sales cover letter to accompany your CV
  9. The big takeaways
  10. FAQ: sales CV

Sales CV example

Use this sales CV sample to fashion a compelling CV. You can create your CV using this example and the CVHelp CV builder, which allows you to write a professional CV in minutes.

Sales Resume Example RH 1 min

How to use our sales CV examples and tips?

Whether you’re just starting out on your professional journey with an entry-level sales job or you’re a seasoned sales professional looking for a promotion, your sales CV is essential for your job search. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to leave a memorable first impression with the employer and sells your greatest strengths, skills and expertise.

To help you create a winning sales CV, our page will provide:

  • Expert sales CV examples you can use as a foundation for your own CV.
  • Step-by-step guidance for writing your own sales CV.
  • Tips on formatting and writing a cover letter to accompany your CV.

What are employers looking for in a sales CV?

Sales CV allow recruiters to evaluate a job seeker’s sales skills and qualifications, and determine if they’re a good match for the sales position and the company. So whether you’re applying to a sales associate, sales representative or even sales manager position, your goal for your CV should be to sell your sales skills and work experience in the most persuasive and simple-to-follow way.

Employers use sales CV to get an in-depth look into each candidate’s skills, qualifications and experience, and what sets each candidate apart. For this reason, your sales CV needs to showcase the following elements:

  • Your soft skills as they relate to sales and the job description.
  • Your sales-industry-specific hard skills.
  • Your professional achievements, and how your sales skills and competencies contributed to them.
  • Any accomplishments that relate to the job description.
  • Your education, years of experience in sales and any other achievements that showcase your sales career goals.

How to pick the right format for your sales CV?

Use one of the three CV formats to write your sales CV:

  • Chronological format: The most widely used format, perfect for job seekers with more than five years of work experience. The chronological format focuses on your work history and career growth, so it’s excellent for senior sales associates or sales managers.
  • Functional format: On the other hand, the functional format is better for candidates who have less than two years of experience. This format revolves around skills as opposed to work experience, so it’s a great option if you want to assure the potential employer that you have the skills needed for sales.
  • Combination format: Also known as the hybrid CV, this format is a combination of the chronological and functional formats. It’s best for mid-level job seekers with a few years of experience, as it puts equal focus on the work history section and skills set.

Some other CV formatting tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a professional font. The best way to maintain the hiring manager’s attention is by using a readable and professional font like Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica.
  • Stay consistent with the margins. Your sales CV should have 1-inch margins all around but you can take them down half an inch if you need more space.
  • Use a readable font size. Recruiters and hiring managers should be able to read your CV. Keep the body text to 11-12 points, the subheadings between 14-15 and your name between 16 or 18.
  • Keep the spacing right. Stick to a single or 1.5 spacing between lines.
  • Send your CV in the correct format. Usually, saving and submitting your sales CV as a PDF or MS Word format is the best way to go, but check the job description just in case the potential employer requests a different format.

How to write a sales CV?

Whether you’re looking to land your first sales job or excel at your current sales job and advance your professional sales career, your CV is essential for your job search. Therefore, your sales CV needs to include the vital elements that sell your greatest strengths and sales skills related to the job description while attracting the attention of hiring managers and impressing potential employers.

1. Header and contact information

Write your phone number and professional email address in the header. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can add the social media handle to your header but only do it if it’s relevant to the job and will add value to your job application.

2. Professional summary or career objective

Next, it’s time to decide whether to write a CV summary or a career objective.

A professional summary is a two- to three-sentence paragraph that highlights your top qualifications and relevant sales skills that set you apart from other candidates. It’s ideal for job seekers who have more than two years of experience in sales. For example:

Friendly sales representative with six years of work experience in customer service. Able to build rapport with customers and effectively suggest products, work together with coworkers to achieve monthly goals and manage stock. Strong interpersonal skills, active listening skills and organisation skills.

A CV objective works similarly to a professional summary but in addition to stating your relevant skills and top qualifications, you also include your career goals. It’s better for candidates with less than two years of work experience or changing careers.

Hardworking college graduate with a B.A. in biochemistry seeking entry-level sales role in health care industry. Able to prepare reports, meet sales goals and travel as required. Skilled communicator and quick learner.

3. Skills section

Use your sales CV’s skills section to describe and highlight your relevant sales skills. The following are some of the most essential and sought-after sales skills that employers seek in candidates:

  • Effective and persuasive verbal, written and nonverbal communication skills
  • Sales software expertise
  • Product knowledge
  • Active listening
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management
  • Strategic and critical thinking skills
  • Leadership
  • Self-motivation
  • Business knowledge
  • Cold calling
  • Customer retention
  • Marketing expertise
  • Project management skills
  • Customer relationship management skills
  • Sales pitch expertise

4. Work experience section

In your work history section, weave your sales skills into your accomplishments by showing specific examples of how you used your abilities to achieve positive outcomes and success. Use keywords and phrases from the job description when appropriate, as this will increase your chances of making it past applicant tracking systems (ATS) most employers use to filter CVs.

You can make the most out of your work history section by:

  • Keeping your bullet points concise.
  • Using action verbs (like organised, managed or communicated) at the beginning of your statements.
  • Using numerical evidence to showcase your sales expertise and competencies.
  • Tailoring your professional CV to the job description and company.

Use this example of a sales CV work history section as a base or follow the sales CV examples on this page:

Salesperson / June 2020 – July 2022
Fresh Boutique, Manchester, ENG

  • Exceeded quarterly sales quota by 30%, the highest in the sales team
  • Regularly made suggestions to customers in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Achieved customer satisfaction ratings of 4.8/5 every trimester by effectively meeting customer needs.

5. Education

Include your highest education credentials in your education section. If you finished your college degree, you don’t need to list your high school diploma or your grades, unless the latter is extremely relevant to the field. If you graduated from university more than 10 years ago, there’s no need to include the graduation date.

6. Additional sections

If you have any relevant sales certifications, awards or other sales achievements, then you should showcase them in a separate section of your CV.

Sales CV examples you can use

Below is a list of great sales CV samples by job title that you can use to perfect your own sales CV. At CVHelp, we have hundreds of CV examples for other jobs and industries.

More CV examples and tips

We have additional resources, articles and guides for writing a great sales CV.

  • CV builder: Take the guesswork out of writing a sales resume with our user-friendly builder.
  • How to write a CV: Follow our expert CV writing guide to create the best sales CV.
  • CV design: Read our article for the best CV design tips and guidance.
  • CV references: Learn all the tips and tricks to writing professional references for your CV.
  • How long should a CV be: Click to read our answer to the age-old question.

Write a sales cover letter to accompany your CV

No job application is complete without a professional cover letter. Pair your sales CV with the best cover letter using our resources.

  • How to write a cover letter: Present your strengths and achievements to the potential employer using our cover letter writing guide.
  • Cover letter builder: Follow the step-by-step instructions of our cover letter builder and write a cover letter in a couple of minutes.
  • Cover letter templates: Dozens of professional cover letter templates to pair with our CV template.
  • Cover letter format: Learn our expert cover letter formatting tips and make sure your letter looks as great as it reads.
  • Cover letter examples: Find hundreds of examples for different jobs and industries.

The big takeaways

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly go over what this article covered:

  1. Tailor your sales CV to the job description.
  2. Highlight your top skills and work experience in the professional summary or career objective.
  3. Include a mixture of six to eight hard skills and soft skills.
  4. Impress the hiring manager with work achievements and major responsibilities in your work experience section.
  5. Start your statements with action verbs.
  6. Only list your latest education credentials. No need to include the graduation date if you graduated more than 10 years ago.
  7. Make sure the font you’re using is professional.
  8. Choose the best CV format for your years of experience.
  9. Create additional sections for your sales CV if you have relevant certifications or trainings.
  10. Every sales CV needs a cover letter to solidify your sales experience.

FAQ: sales CV

Q: Do I need to submit a cover letter with a sales CV?

Yes! A cover letter provides you with the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression with potential employers. A CV only goes so far, so a cover letter allows you to elaborate on your skills and qualifications and provide more context to your CV. Here are some great examples of cover letters you can use to increase your chances of landing a job interview.

Q: Can I get a sales job with no experience?

Yes! You don’t need any prior sales experience to start a career in sales. The sales industry welcomes motivated professionals of all backgrounds and experience to start their new sales career journey, so if you’re just starting out, emphasise your soft skills and any prior experiences that show your ability to be self-motivated, work hard and relate well to others.

Q: Is it a good idea to change up my sales CV for every job posting?

Yes! You must tailor your CV to include the keywords, sales skills and any other relevant sales vocabulary you find in the job description as it applies to your sales expertise and skills.

Q: What should I put on my CV for sales?

Your sales CV should include:

  • A professional summary that summarises your skills and experience related to the position.
  • Hard skills and soft skills that are relevant to sales and customer service.
  • Work experience that demonstrates your ability to engage with customers and to make the potential employer revenue.
  • Any certifications you possess or training you have completed that will show the recruiter your sales expertise.

For a better idea of what these sections look like, check out our sales CV examples. They’re a great source of inspiration!

Q: What are some skills I can put on my CV for sales?

Some skills you can incorporate into your sales CV include:

  • Product knowledge
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Relationship building
  • Customer service skills
  • Outside Sales
  • Organisational skills
  • Time management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Negotiating
  • Prospecting
  • CRM Salesforce
  • Microsoft Office Suite

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