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Your cover letter is how you introduce yourself to your potential new employer. It’s the first part of your application they read, so you need to ensure it’s top-notch so you can make a great first impression. If it’s not up to scratch, you can end up blowing your chances of getting the job.

On the other hand, if your cover letter looks professional and includes all the right points, then you’re off to a great start. The hiring manager will immediately be impressed and it’s then just a case of them seeing whether you have all the right skills and experience for the role.

We’re experts when it comes to all things jobs, and cover letters are no exception. We’re here to help. That’s why we created an online cover letter creator. In just a few clicks you can create a cover letter that’s bound to get you noticed and help secure your new job. And what’s more, you can use our cover letter builder for free! Read on to find out more.

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Advantages of Using the CVHelp Online Cover Letter Builder

So why use a cover letter creator online?


You’re a busy job seeker and crafting a cover letter from scratch takes time. Why make it harder for yourself? We have a range of ready-made designs to choose from, and once you have your cover letter template in hand, you can select different pre-written excerpts to build a stellar cover letter that hits the mark.


Just because we’ve done most of the legwork for you doesn’t mean you’re getting a generic cover letter that doesn’t reflect you as an individual. With a wide range of designs and templates to choose from and the ability to edit the text as you see fit, you’ll get a cover letter that’s as unique as you.

Expert quality 

Our free online cover letter builder has been created by experts who know exactly what needs to go into a top-class cover letter. You can rely on our knowledge and be rest assured that hiring managers will be impressed by what they read.

Advice and support

When you use the CVHelp cover letter builder online, don’t forget you also have access to all the other amazing resources and advice we have available. Whether it’s tips and help on our blog or personalised advice from experts on our forums, we’re here with all the support you need for your job applications.

Build Your Professional Cover Letter Right Here

Our free online cover letter maker is straightforward to use. In the cover letter builder, you can choose the design you want to use. The builder then takes you through the cover letter section by section and lets you pick from a huge range of pre-written options, which you can personalise for yourself and the job/company you’re applying for. You’ll have the perfect cover letter to help you land your dream job before you know it.

FAQ: Cover Letters

Q: Is it acceptable to use a cover letter builder?

Yes! Cover letter builders are a great tool to help you create a professional cover letter with ease, especially if writing isn’t your strong suit. Cover letter generators or builders let you fully customise your cover letter so that it’s unique to you. With a huge range of professional cover letter templates and text suggestions to choose from, you get the individuality of a cover letter that’s written from scratch, with the ease and speed of our letter writing technology to impress the recruiter.

Q: How can I create my cover letter?

You can create your new cover letter from scratch or by using a cover letter builder and taking inspiration from our cover letter examples and cover letter templates. You may as well make use of any cover letter help and cover letter writing tips you can. A cover letter should be written in a professional style and format and contain certain features and information. A cover letter builder ensures your letter is written and formatted correctly.

Q: How can I make my cover letter look professional?

To look professional, your successful cover letter should be correctly formatted and written in a clear font. To make it stand out, you can add some design touches to the document—as long as it remains professional and isn’t too busy or colourful. If you use a cover letter builder, you can choose from a range of professional layouts pre-made by graphic designers, so your cover letter “look” hits the mark.


Don’t forget we also have loads of other helpful resources for creating your job-winning cover letters, such as cover letter templates and blog posts outlining what to include if you’d like to write your cover letter from scratch. We also offer plenty of CV assistance with our CV Builder and CV templates, helping you take care of everything in your job application with the best cover letter and CV combination.



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