CV template that will get you a UK job

CV templates designed by career experts are a fantastic way to enhance your prospects to secure a UK job interview. Basic, creative, or modern... Pick the best CV template for you.

Creative CV Templates

At CVHelp, you’ll find quality CV templates for creative jobs. Apply with style with a colorful CV layout that speaks to your ability to think outside the box.

Blueprint W RHUK


This creative CV template features a fun banner with your initials, allowing you to stand out easily.

Flapjack M RHUK


Make a colourful statement with a unique and creative CV template that’s perfect for less conservative jobs and companies.

Revival W RHUK


Communicate your skills and work history with this two-column creative CV template.

Greeting W RHUK


Draw attention from hiring managers and recruiters by using this creative CV template with fun icons for your contact information.

Modern CV Templates

A modern CV template is a great option if you’re applying for a job in the tech industry or companies with strong brand identities. Whatever the case, we have the right CV to help you land your desired job.



Give your CV a fresh look with this modern CV template that will catch the recruiter's attention.


Fold II

This modern design will help you stand out and make a good first impression.

Vision W RHUK


Vision highlights your name and features clear section headings for applicant tracking systems that scan CVs.

Vision II M RHUK

Vision II

This template leaves plenty of room for content. It'll make sure your skills and qualifications shine.

Hollywood M RHUK


Make a name for yourself with this one-page modern CV template that meets the needs of creative industries.

Craftman W RHUK


Fill this modern CV template correctly with our guidance and let your qualifications shine on their own.

Bedrock M RHUK


This single-column CV template offers a choice of different colours for the header and subheadings while maintaining your experience.

Classic CV Templates

Sometimes, a classy and simple CV template is the best way to impress hiring managers. Choose from one of our simple CV designs to communicate your information seamlessly.

Splendid W RHUK


This clean CV template features a sleek format ideal for job applicants applying for senior-level jobs.

Angora M RHUK


With a clear CV layout that highlights career accomplishments and progression, this traditional CV template works great for people with many years of experience.

Cinematique W RHUK


Sophisticated font and elegant lines make Cinematic one of the best CV templates for different jobs and industries.

Gazelle M RHUK


Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Change the colours of this simple CV template in our CV builder and have it ready in a few clicks.

Gazelle II W RHUK

Gazelle II

Make a lasting impression with this simple and yet elegant CV template.Tweak it at your convenience.

Benefits of using professional CV templates in the UK

Are you a recent graduate trying to get a first job in the UK? Are you one of the many job seekers trying to get noticed by employers and create the perfect job application following a career change? Are you after the perfect CV to highlight personal details, relevant skills, and your job experience? Then you need a professional CV template that will make your application stand out.

In the following sections, you’ll discover the main benefits of using a good CV template tailored to the UK job market.

Alternatively, feel free to check our CV examples or read our tips on CV formats.

1Quality of the design

The quality of design plays an important role in any job search. Using professional CV templates can help you create a polished, professional look that will attract the attention of potential employers.

No matter if you need one or two pages, with an expertly crafted CV design you can ensure that your application is formatted correctly, all the necessary details included, and your information presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

2Time saved

One of the biggest benefits of using CV templates is the amount of time you save as you wonder how to write a CV. No need to spend hours formatting and organizing your application anymore, as all this is done for you. Quickly fill in your details and save time that you can use for focusing on creating powerful statements.

3Ease of use

Eliminate the guesswork about how your CV should look, as all the details are laid out for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with your relevant information, and the CV templates will take care of formatting everything correctly.


Did you know that CV templates can become a source of inspiration? Indeed, looking at how other people have presented their skills, education and work experience, can provide valuable insights into what makes a successful job application. With this knowledge, you can craft your own CV with confidence and make sure it stands out from others in the same field.


By using industry-specific CV templates, you can ensure that your application shines with a professional design and layout in line with the expectations. Additionally, a CV tailored to your industry will include keywords and phrases related to the job or profession, helping hiring managers quickly identify key qualifications and experiences that make you stand out.

6Boosting confidence

Using CV templates to craft your job application can be an incredibly empowering experience. Not only does it provide valuable insights into what makes for a successful application, but it gives you the confidence boost of knowing that all the necessary details are included in your document and formatted correctly.

CV template writing tips

Make templates your own by following our expert CV writing tips. Figuring out how to write a CV can be simple when using our CV builder. It will provide step-by-step advice directly from certified professional CV writers to ensure any CV templates you select can be crafted to land your desired job.


  1. Select the best CV format for your needs and years of experience.
  2. Tailor your CV to the job description and company.
  3. Include keywords and phrases in your CV.
  4. Select a CV template appropriate for the job and industry.


  1. Use a complicated infographic CV template that’s not ATS-friendly.
  2. Exceed a two-page CV. CVs should be concise and straightforward.
  3. Download your CV template in the incorrect file format.
  4. Forget to proofread and edit your CV before submitting it.

Easy-to-use CV templates

No need to create a CV from scratch — use a pre-designed CV template that will pass the applicant tracking system to sell your skills and experience. Get creative CV templates with our easy-to-use CV builder and get started quickly on the path to landing the right job with plenty of flexibility to customise your CV. Check out these CV templates to get your foot in the door.

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Match your CV template with a cover letter!

Looking for work can feel like a daunting task… However, with professionally designed CV and cover letter templates, you can create documents that are easy to read and will impress recruiters.

For more top tips and guidance on creating a winning CV, check out our professional CV builder. It is pre-filled with examples and customisable templates. So no matter what job role you are targeting, you will find everything you need to stand out from other candidates!

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FAQ: CV Template UK

Is using creative CV templates a good idea?

Using creative CV templates can be an excellent way to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Not only does it add a unique and interesting visual element to your application, but it also gives you a chance to showcase your creativity and aesthetic taste.

What is the purpose of a CV template?

The purpose of a CV template is to make it easier for you to write your CV. You can rely on the expert knowledge of CV experts at CVHelp by using their professional CV templates to structure and write a good CV.

Should I download my CV template in Word or PDF format?

The format you choose when downloading your CV template can make a difference in how your CV looks and functions. PDF files are generally the best choice as they are more resilient to changes, meaning that your document will look the same on any computer or device.

However, if you need to make frequent edits or updates, then Word CV templates may be the best CV choice for you. As they are meant to be edited and customised easily, you can quickly add new information as needed.

CV template UK vs. European - what’s the difference?

For the vast majority, they differ in terms of content and format. Generally speaking, a European CV tends to be longer than a UK CV and includes more information about the applicant’s background, education, work experience, interests, skills, objectives, and references. A UK CV typically only contains basic personal information such as name, contact details and work history with no additional info on hobbies or interests.

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