How to Find and Add Nonprofit Jobs to Your CV

Nonprofit jobs are a great way to build a CV and follow your passion. How can you find and feature nonprofit work in your CV? Read our excellent tips!



Nonprofit jobs

If you’re interested in finding a great job that makes you happy, you may want to look into a nonprofit job. Many people never look into nonprofit jobs because they assume that they’re not a good choice for anyone who’s interested in working full-time or making a living from their work. As a matter of fact, incorporating nonprofit jobs into your job search may be helpful for you. Here’s what you need to know about nonprofit job openings and how to find them.

What are nonprofit jobs?

A nonprofit is an organisation that works to make a difference in the world. Nonprofits perform advocacy work, provide health care, create career opportunities for underserved populations, and provide community or family services. Any work you do for a nonprofit organisation counts as a nonprofit job.

Find a nonprofit job that works for you

If you’re interested in working at a nonprofit organisation, it’s important that you find a job that really works with your work history, interests and specific needs. Here are a few steps you can take to find a great nonprofit job.

1. Find a job that fits your experience

First, determine the type of job you’re interested in. Nonprofits use the same job titles as other industries, and you should be able to find both full-time and part-time positions. Here are a few jobs you might find at a nonprofit organisation:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Assistant director
  • Associate director
  • Case manager
  • Communications manager
  • Development manager
  • Director of development
  • Executive assistant
  • Executive director
  • Fundraising director
  • Human resources
  • Programme coordinator
  • Programme director
  • Programme manager
  • Project manager
  • Senior manager
  • Social media manager
  • Vice president

As you can guess, these options vary in prerequisites, probable certifications, and positioning. However, job seekers who are qualified for similar positions in for-profit jobs will likely be qualified for these positions in a nonprofit job, even if they’ve never held a position at a nonprofit before.

2. Determine your passion and interests

It’s also important that you care about the organisation you’re working for. Nonprofit jobs are a little bit different than for-profit jobs in that the advocacy portion of the job is often considered part of the reason you would take it. You don’t necessarily need to love groceries to work as a grocery cashier, but you should probably love animals if you’re trying to change public policy on animal rights.

3. Check for nonprofit jobs locally

Next, it’s a good idea to look for nonprofit jobs that fit your experience, needs and location. Look into a nonprofit job board in your area to see what kinds of jobs need to be filled. Once you find jobs you’re interested in, make sure you look through the job posting and do all the same things you would for any other position.

Reasons to include nonprofit jobs on your CV

Employers like nonprofit jobs on a CV. If you’re not sure about accepting a nonprofit job posting, it’s important to remember that it has a lot of benefits both now and down the line. Here are a few:

  • Showcases your interests and passions
  • Gives future employers information about relevant skills and achievements
  • Shows how you make use of important skills
  • Adds more positive skills and accomplishments to your CV
  • Can actually make a difference

Whether you’re working in social services or economic development, a nonprofit job shows that you really care about something. Even just volunteering through an organisation like AmeriCorps can be a helpful way to add experience and showcase your skills.

FAQ: nonprofit jobs

Q: Can you make a living working for a nonprofit?

Yes. Although the nonprofit sector often pays less than the for-profit sector, a nonprofit job doesn’t have to be low-paying. It is good to remember that job listings for nonprofits include part-time work, but also feature many full-time positions that can lead to career growth.

Q: Do nonprofits have the same jobs as for-profit organisations?

Typically, yes. However, some nonprofit organisations may cut down or combine jobs to match a smaller operating budget. The only way you can know which jobs are available at a nonprofit is to research the nonprofit you’re interested in applying for. There’s no such thing as a typical setup for a nonprofit organisation. In some cases, you might learn valuable skills at a nonprofit position that you won’t get the chance to learn at the same position at a typical company.

Q: What is the difference between a nonprofit and an NGO?

A nonprofit is a company that is categorised a certain way for tax purposes, while an NGO is a non-governmental organisation. Nonprofit organisations can be NGOs, and NGOs can be nonprofit organisations; the designations end up making a Venn diagram of sorts. In different countries, the designations may be different, so it’s important to see what the specifics are in the job you’re applying to.

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