The great irony of looking for employment is that the job search itself is a full-time job. Between submitting applications, networking with former colleagues, and updating your resume, there is always another task to be completed. Finding shortcuts throughout this process can be the key to landing your dream job, and ResumeHelp’s Career Resources are here to simplify your job search.

The following resources will make your life easier and help you make the best possible career decisions.

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Work-from-home desk & office setup ideas

Updated : 04/09/2024

Check out CVHelp’s ideas on creative work-from-home setups you can use to make your home workspace more efficient and effective for you. Learn more now!

13 Best Job Search Sites and How to Use Them

Updated : 03/07/2024

Learn how to use the best job search engines like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google Jobs and more to their full potential to find your best opportunities.

Best Jobs for Veterans and Retired Military Members

Updated : 02/06/2024

Want to take your military experience and transfer it to your civilian life? Check out some of the best civilian jobs for military veterans now!

CV vs. Resume Difference

CV vs. Resume Difference

Updated : 01/29/2024

Understanding the difference between a resume vs. CV can be part of determining what to submit for a job application. We’ve broken down the key differences.

5 Ways You Could Be Preventing Yourself from Getting a Job

Updated : 01/29/2024

Continuing to wonder, "why am I not getting hired"? Learn why you may not be successful in your job seeking efforts with CVHelp expert tips. Learn more now!

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