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Healthcare administration is all about keeping records straight and moving people through the healthcare field more effectively. Learn how to show this in a CV.



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  1. Healthcare administration CV examples
  2. What to highlight in a healthcare administration CV?
  3. The structure of a healthcare administration CV
  4. Do’s and don’ts for a healthcare administration CV
  5. FAQ: Healthcare administration CVs

Healthcare administration CV examples

Healthcare administration workers, also called healthcare system managers, are an extremely important part of making sure a healthcare system works appropriately. Healthcare administrators can work in a wide variety of health services jobs, ranging everywhere from front desk clerks in doctors’ offices to hospital administration. Here’s how you can write your own CV from a healthcare administration CV example.

What to highlight in a healthcare administration CV?

Your healthcare administration CV should highlight your administrative skills above all else. Although healthcare administrators can definitely benefit from experience, especially specific experience in the field of healthcare, recruiters will be reviewing your CV to see whether you can perform all tasks of the job you are applying to. Work experience will showcase that.

The structure of a healthcare administration CV

Choosing the right CV format is a huge part of making the best healthcare administration CV. If you have many years of experience, then you’ll probably use the chronological CV. If you have less experience, you’ll likely use a functional CV. From there on either format, you’ll create these headings in your CV.


The header is technically part of your CV design. It will usually include your full name, location, phone number, email address, and any links to job networking profiles. A CV builder can help you automatically create that CV design and guide you to include all the necessary contact information.

Professional summary or career objective

The professional summary or career objective is a two or three sentence section that sits right below the contact information portion of the CV. It shows your best CV highlights, trying to show them off in such a way that even this one paragraph might convince a recruiter to bring you in for an interview. A career objective is for job candidates with less relevant work experience as it directly states the career objective you’re trying to achieve.


Your skills section needs to show that you can help a healthcare organisation provide quality care to their patients. Here are some skills that you might be able to include as bullet points on your CV for the healthcare administrator job.

  • Understanding budgets
  • Accessing medical records
  • General business administration
  • Healthcare management
  • Human resources experience
  • General knowledge of medical terminology
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Working with healthcare providers
  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Knowledge of information systems
  • Network with insurance companies
  • Customer retention
  • General staffing
  • Strategic planning
  • Work in a long-term care facility like a nursing home
  • Financial management
  • Knowledge of OSHA
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Relationship building

This is an extremely extensive list of healthcare administrator skills, so don’t worry about fitting all of them into your CV. You should include a few soft skills and a few hard skills.

Work history

Your work experience section should showcase up to ten years of experience in healthcare administration and related administration jobs. If you’re applying for an entry-level healthcare administration position, then you might not have little or no experience. In this case, include volunteer work, internship experience and more skills.


Your education section can include your GCSE’s scores or any college and university education or training that you have such as a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration (BHA) or a Masters in Health Administration (MHA).

Do’s and don’ts for a healthcare administration CV


  • List other administrative jobs you’ve had, including administrative assistant jobs. Administration is often the same in different organisations.
  • Spotlight specific skills you know that you’re good at. There are many skills that you can put on your CV, but the skills you include should be your best ones.
  • Directly connect your CV to a benefit for the healthcare professionals who you would be working for. You should provide a material benefit of some kind that shows why you would be a benefit to the company.


  • Discuss specifics about a previous patient on your CV or during an interview. This is often a violation of HIPAA, a privacy protection law.
  • Talk poorly about any of your previous jobs. This can make a hiring manager worry that you’ll do the same with this job when you leave.
  • Be generic in your work history section. Discuss exactly the type of work you did, as it sets the stage for what you’ll do in this new job as well.

FAQ: Healthcare administration CVs

Q: Do I need to include a cover letter for a healthcare administration application?

It’s always important to include a cover letter for any job search. It increases the efficacy of your CV writing significantly. Plus, it gives you a place to actively talk to the hiring manager and ask for the job interview directly. If you don’t currently have a cover letter, then you can use the CVHelp cover letter builder to create one.

Q: How can I write a healthcare administration CV without a lot of experience?

If you don’t have years of experience in healthcare administration, then you can still apply for an entry-level healthcare administration job. Your best bet will be to emphasise as many other administration jobs that you have held and to use a healthcare administrator CV sample to learn how to emphasise your skills over your experience.

Q: How do I change my healthcare administration CV to apply to different jobs?

Applying to a number of different jobs with exactly the same CV typically isn’t recommended. Sure, you’ll be listing the exact same work experience, but a professional CV is about more than just what information you include. You also need to tailor it to the specific job you’re applying for by using CV keywords. Read the job advertisement carefully to pull keywords from the job qualifications and required skills.

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