Retail CV examples for 2024 and guide (to get hired)

Not sure what to include in your retail CV? Check out these templates, tips and examples for a variety of jobs and experience levels.


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Trying to get a retail job? You might be facing an uphill battle if your CV isn’t highlighting skills such as communication and swift problem-solving…

But that’s not all! Did you know that in retail practical experience and interpersonal abilities are often valued over extensive academic records or long career history? Therefore, a good retail CV demands clarity, brevity, and directness.

Being aware of these subtleties is exactly what can make a retail CV pop.

In this guide, you will learn ways to customize your CV for each retail role, making sure it stands out and speaks directly to the job at hand.

Keep reading to understand how to spotlight your essential retail experiences, skills, and accomplishments while also manifesting an understanding of the retailer’s customer base and brand identity.

Retail assistant CV - an example

Jane Dove

456 Manchester Blvd

Manchester, M2 5DB

Phone: +44 16 1123 3456

Retail Assistant

Personal Statement

Motivated and customer-focused Retail Assistant with over 4 years of experience working in high-volume retail environments. Proficient at maintaining exceptional service standards and enhancing customer engagement. Eager to apply my retail expertise and passion for fashion to create an inviting shopping experience at the renowned DEF Fashion House.

Work Experience

Retail Supervisor – DEF Fashion House, Manchester

July 2018 – Present

  • Supervise and coordinate a team of 8 sales associates, ensuring high standards of customer service.
  • Implement visual merchandising strategies to increase in-store engagement and promote monthly sales by 20%.
  • Maintain inventory levels and organise stock rotations to maximise efficiency.

Customer-focused Sales Assistant – LMN Bookstore, Manchester

August 2016 – June 2018

  • Delivered excellent customer service, contributing to a 30% increase in customer loyalty membership sign-ups.
  • Handled transactions and maintained a balanced till with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Assisted with the setup and promotion of in-store events and author signings.


Diploma in Retail Management
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

Class of 2016


  • Strong salesmanship and knowledge of retail operations
  • Exceptional customer service and communication skills
  • Visual merchandising and product presentation
  • Inventory management and loss prevention techniques
  • Team leadership and training


National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Customer Service – 2017


Available upon request.

Tailored specifically for a retail assistant, the CV example provided above illustrates relevant experiences and proficiencies. It showcases the candidate’s hands-on retail knowledge and fluency in customer service—a quality paramount in this field.

Feel free to use it for inspiration but make sure to adapt it to suit your very own journey, detailing your experiences and unique insights you have into the retailer’s market.

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Not searching for retail CV examples? These additional CV examples might be a good fit for your needs:

CV templates for the retail sector

When selecting a CV template, it is crucial to strike a balance between professionalism and showcasing your individuality. Your chosen template should facilitate readability through the strategic use of whitespace and clear headings.

Here are three templates that have proven effective for retail positions:

Jobs that can use Retail CVs

The retail industry includes a variety of job titles. Here are a few career paths that might use a retail CV example:

  • Retail sales associate
  • Retail sales assistant
  • Retail manager
  • Salesperson
  • Merchandising
  • Store manager
  • Inventory management
  • Sales manager

The most important element to remember is that all these job descriptions have a lot of commonality. When you’re writing a CV for retail jobs, you’ll use many of the same CV writing tips for shop-floor positions as you will for manager-level positions. It’s up to you to showcase your skills in a way that will keep a hiring manager reading.

Retail CV examples

Whether you are just starting out in the retail sector or you are an experienced professional looking to advance, having a well-crafted CV is crucial. Here are three examples of CVs tailored for different roles:

Retail assistant CV

Retail assistant CV examples

In this retail sales assistant CV, the focus is on demonstrating the candidate’s hands-on experience in customer service and proficiency in retail operations. Emphasis is placed on their ability to elevate the customer experience, adaptability to diverse retail settings, and fluency in point-of-sale systems.

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Store manager CV

CV examples for retail job - store manager

One of our retail CV examples for individuals with a solid background in retail management, this CV aims to showcase leadership qualities, a strong track record of driving sales growth, and success in team management. It outlines strategic skills in inventory management, staff training, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Inventory control specialist CV

CV for retail job - inventory control specialist

Here, the retail CV example is thought for a role focused on inventory management within the retail sector. The candidate’s expertise in stock monitoring, loss prevention, and workflow optimization is highlighted, along with their ability to analyze sales data to ensure inventory efficiency.

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How to write a CV for retail

Understanding how to write an effective CV for retail is a pivotal step in your job search. Keep reading to learn how to construct a retail CV that communicates your narrative compellingly to UK hiring managers.

Step 1: Scrutinize the job specification

Start by understanding the exact needs of the position you are interested in. What qualities and skills is the employer searching for? Try to determine the specific credentials, background, and personal traits desired. Use your findings to mould your retail CV.

Investigate market expectations

You need to have a robust grasp of the daily duties and potential hurdles associated with the role. The greater your knowledge, the more precisely you can align your retail CV with the unique requirements of the post.

Pinpoint key skills

Isolate the retail-specific skills that are recurrently in demand. These often encompass outstanding communicative abilities, the capacity for problem-solving, resilience, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Step 2: Determine the appropriate CV format and structure for retail

When crafting your CV for retail aim for clarity and effective organisation. This will allow the hiring manager to quickly identify key aspects of your profile. Presentation matters, so pick a format that ensures a clean, professional appearance of your document.

Select a suitable retail CV template

Identify a template that matches the formality level expected in the retail sector while complementing the company’s brand aesthetic. A uniform application of this template will lend consistency and visual appeal to your CV design.

Arrange the main sections: Contact details, Personal statement, Work experience, Education, Skills

While the sequence of these sections may be altered to best showcase your capabilities and the nature of the retail role you’re aspiring to, always place your contact details first. Then, position the most impactful information prominently to draw the recruiter’s attention.

Decide on including a photograph in your retail CV

In the UK, it is generally discouraged to attach a photo to your retail CV, as recruitment should be grounded on your skills and professional experience, not personal appearance. To reduce the risk of bias, it’s advisable to concentrate on conveying your expertise and achievements.

Step 3: Begin with your contact details

Though it may appear straightforward, unambiguously providing your contact details is vital. This section should include:

  • Your name
  • A professional-sounding email address
  • An operational telephone number
  • Applicable social media handles (such as LinkedIn), if they support your application

Example for a Retail CV – contact section


Oliver L. Thompson

+44 7524 456789

Retail Sales Associate

Step 4: Craft a bespoke personal statement

When writing your retail CV personal statement, aim to capture the recruiter’s interest by quickly stating why you are the best candidate for the vacancy. Avoid platitudes in your CV profile; instead, try to show that you understand the nuances of the specific role you are vying for.

Pro tip

In the process, add pertinent keywords from the job offer. This will ensure that your CV is optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and might strike a chord with the reviewer.

Retail Management personal statement


Accomplished Retail Manager with over a decade of success in driving team performance and providing top-tier customer experiences. Distinguished by an aptitude for successfully running complex operations and nurturing customer loyalty. My proactive approach has been pivotal in surpassing sales targets and cementing my status as a resilient leader. Poised to bring this ethos to [Company Name]’s dynamic team, contributing to and thriving in its customer-focused environment.

Step 5: Detail your retail work experience

In the retail sector, your employment history can speak volumes about your capabilities and potential to your future employer. Begin with your most recent retail experience and proceed in reverse chronological order. Ensure clarity by succinctly displaying company names, job titles, and the period of employment.

Rather than simply listing your day-to-day tasks, highlight your contributions that had a tangible impact on the store’s performance and customer satisfaction. Use compelling action verbs and include quantifiable achievements wherever possible in your “Work experience” section.

Example of retail work experience for a CV


May 2016 – August 2022

Retail Sales Manager | Marks & Spencer, London, UK

  • Led a team of 30 sales associates, driving an increase in yearly revenue by 20%.
  • Formulated and executed strategies that reduced stock shrinkage rates by 10%, thereby bolstering profits.
  • Pioneered a loyalty program which garnered a customer repeat rate improvement of 35%.
  • Awarded “Manager of the Year” in 2019 for exceptional leadership and sales performance.

Step 6: Outline your educational background

In retail, while hands-on experience is highly valued, a solid educational foundation can sometimes become the differentiating factor. The “Education” section doesn’t need to be exhaustive, but it should spotlight relevant qualifications or training you possess.

A word of caution, however: never embellish your academic achievements, as these are easily cross-checked by employers from the tight-knit retail sector.

What should you do instead? Draw attention to any retail management or customer service certifications, workshops, or coursework you’ve completed that can give you an edge.

Sample Education Section for a Retail CV


2015 – July 2018

Bachelor of Science in Retail Management

University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

  • Achieved a 2:1 with Honours.
  • Dissertation on “Innovative Strategies in Retail Customer Loyalty”.
  • Relevant Modules Included: Strategic Retail Planning, Consumer Behaviour, and Digital Retailing Trends.

September 2018

Diploma in Retail and Merchandising

Fashion Retail Academy, London, UK

  • Undertook an intensive programme focusing on retail trend analysis and merchandising management.
  • Developed practical skills in visual merchandising, stock control, and e-commerce optimisation.

Step 7: Highlight your relevant retail skills

When crafting your “Skills” section, it’s crucial to reflect on the competencies that have been most beneficial in your retail roles, recognizing the equal value of both hard skills and soft skills.

Consider the specific demands of the retail positions you’ve held and identify where your strengths lie. As in the example below:

CV retail skills

Use bullet points for clarity and ease of reading. Here are some essential skills sought after in UK retail professionals:

  • Communication skills: Effective communication is key. You must be articulate and an attentive listener, skilled in both speaking and the written word.
  • Problem-solving abilities: Skilful at navigating and resolving complex issues, and applying customer service techniques to turn challenges into positive experiences.
  • Teamwork & collaboration: Proven track record of collaboratively meeting customer satisfaction objectives with colleagues through interpersonal skills.
  • Digital competence: Proficiency with CRM systems like Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as a good working knowledge of MS Office.
  • Adaptability: Fast learner, ready to embrace new procedures and environments while consistently delivering strong results.
  • Attention to detail: Commitment to ensuring all information is accurate and complete, reducing the chance of mistakes and enhancing the standard of service.
  • Patience: Holding onto a client-centred attitude, even through slow service resolutions or when facing demanding clients.
  • Time management: Ability to prioritise and efficiently juggle numerous customer interactions without compromising on service quality.

Retail CV skills


  • Customer service skills: Passionate about delivering premium customer service with a smile, ensuring each customer leaves satisfied
  • Sales expertise: Strong track record of exceeding sales targets through persuasive selling techniques and product knowledge
  • Merchandising: Skilled at visual merchandising to optimise store appearance and promote current deals
  • Team leadership: Proven ability to lead and motivate a team to meet store objectives and enhance store performance
  • Inventory management: Proficient in stock control and inventory management, ensuring availability of products and efficient handling of stock
  • Loss prevention: Knowledgeable in security measures to prevent theft and preserve profit margins

Step 8: Additional sections (optional)

To strengthen your CV for a retail job, consider including the following sections:

  • Sales achievements: Illustrate your contributions to sales figures or targets met.
  • Product training: Highlight specific training on products or brands that could give you an edge in a retail environment.
  • Customer service awards: Any accolades received for outstanding customer service can be a testament to your skills.
  • In-store promotions: Showcase your participation in creating or managing in-store promotions or events.
  • Retail workshops: Indicate any extra courses or workshops you have taken to refine your retail skills.
  • Languages: Multilingual abilities can be a significant asset in diverse shopping environments.
  • Professional memberships: Affiliations with retail or trade organizations demonstrate a commitment to your profession.

Top tips for creating your retail CV for the UK market

  • Proofread thoroughly: Spelling and formatting errors can be exceptionally noticeable on a retail CV and may imply a lack of attention to detail.
  • Personalise your CV: Match your skills and experiences with the job advert of the position you are applying for.
  • Dress employment gaps positively: Use any gaps to highlight growth or positive experiences that have equipped you for your return to retail.
  • Present professionally but personably: A balance between approachable and professional is key in the retail industry.
  • Avoid information overload: Similar to a cluttered shelf, a cluttered CV can cause important details to be overlooked.
  • Prepare stories behind your bullet points: Be ready to discuss your experiences during an interview in more depth.

Build a Successful Retail CV

A robust retail CV is your ticket to standing out in a stack of job seekers. It gives prospective employers a concise view of why you’re the complete package for their retail establishment.

Try out CVHelp’s CV builder, and confidently craft a CV that tells the success story of your retail career today!

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