Editorial guidelines

These are CVHelp’s values and standards. They apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received.


CVHelp is in the business of making job seekers’ lives easier by providing them with free, reliable career resources, as well as premium CV and cover letter builder tools.

Since 2013, we’ve helped millions of people succeed in their job search!

We’ve written hundreds of insightful guides and articles illustrated with real-world examples based on research, experience and industry expertise.

There is nothing we value more than our readers’ trust.

We are responsible for providing you with accurate, unbiased information. That is why we have editorial standards in place.

This document provides an overview of said standards.

Editorial values – the three As


We strive to educate and assist our readers with each sentence we write. For this reason, we research, review and fact-check every guide and article to ensure our content meets our standards.

We take our responsibility to provide accurate information seriously. That is why we are committed to correcting or clarifying articles produced by our team if we have made an error or published misleading information.

If you see inaccuracies in CVHelp’s articles, please report them via our contact form or live chat here.


We strive to add our voice to the conversation while sourcing the very best in the field along the way. To this end, our writers leverage their own professional experience, thoroughly researching topics and constantly striving to improve their understanding of the HR field.

When we reference data or proprietary information from external publications, we make sure they are credible and reputable sources. We always identify and/or link out to the source.

All of our content is written by subject matter experts and professional writers, and reviewed by CVHelp’s editorial team.


We cover a range of complex topics in our pages: career improvement, job interviews, recruiting, ATS systems and more.

Whenever possible, we break each topic down into examples, tables, visuals and other forms of digestible content. Our emphasis lies on creating content and assets that highlight practical tips, providing useful advice that is easy to act upon.

We aim to provide our readers with information that is both up-to-date and actionable, rather than theoretical.

Meet the editorial team

CVHelp’s content team is made up of 10 experts — experienced content associates, content writers, and content strategists — who are dedicated to giving you the crucial information you need for success in your job search, presented in compelling, straightforward fashion.

Our team comes from a wealth of different backgrounds, such as content writing, journalism, publishing, university communications, graphic design, marketing and advertising, public service as well as military veteran career planning and transition. This enables us to approach each topic from a variety of perspectives while providing tailored advice.

However, as no one is an expert on everything, the editorial team also leverages expertise from across the organisation and the web to provide our readers with clear, relevant, useful information.

From draft to publish, we own the content creation process and make sure that everything on our site follows these guidelines.

Editorial process

Good content should be unique, in wording as well as in purpose. That is why we create 100% original content.

Each piece has been crafted according to a strict editorial process which ensures that we consistently produce the best possible content.

This process is outlined below:

Topic selection

We select topics based on the latest hiring trends and job search queries in popular search engines. Each piece of content shares two common characteristics: it is timely and helpful to job seekers.


We leverage expertise within our organisation and research current HR trends as well as job industry updates. We rely on trusted sources, including information from the government, international organisations, recognised media outlets and professional associations’ websites.


We evaluate each industry-specific study, research report, article and survey to ensure the quality of the information provided. When we use an external source, we link to it so you can access the information directly.


We carefully craft each content piece according to our guidelines so it is accurate, authoritative and actionable. While usefulness and clarity of language come first, we also design our content to be an enjoyable experience for our readers.

Quality assurance

We carefully check our content for typos, inaccuracies and factual errors, with a single piece usually undergoing multiple rounds of edits. We pride ourselves on setting a high standard for our content, which in turn will truly help you get noticed by recruiters.


When we publish content, we optimise it for both search engines and users. We follow best practices for readability and visual appearance to ensure that you have a pleasant, memorable user experience.

Updates and revisions

We strive to publish high-quality content that lasts, but no content is truly evergreen, due to the fast-moving nature of the recruiting and job-search industries. To best serve the needs of our users, we will sometimes update a given piece multiple times. The date of our latest revision is visible at the top of every guide and article.

A word on generative AI

We believe in transparency and accountability. To this end, we gladly acknowledge that CVHelp sometimes relies on generative AI to partially write and/or enhance certain types of content pieces. These are labelled on our site through an on-page disclaimer. They are always fact-checked and edited by a CVHelp team member to ensure accuracy.

We want to hear your thoughts

There is nothing we love more than receiving constructive feedback from our readers. Do you have a suggestion or comment about our content? Please get in touch via our contact form or live chat here.