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Thanks to the resources at CVHelp , you were able to get a series of interviews that will lead to the job you have always wanted. This is your big chance to make the career move you have been preparing for and you want to do your best to impress the interviewers. Your first move is to make sure that you dress properly, which is a lot trickier than most people realise.

No bright colours

Some men like to wear bright ties to job interviews and many ladies have their favourite bright-coloured scarf they like to wear as an accessory. Bright clothing at a job interview is distracting and takes away from the rest of your presentation. It is possible that a bright-coloured item could be so distracting that it would take away from your CV as well. Your interview suit should be professional and a neutral colour. The most commonly accepted colours for both sexes are grey, blue and brown. Matching accessories are essential, but just avoid the bright colours.

Wear attire that is appropriate

Short skirts and thin suit shirts are inappropriate for interview attire. Your attire should be conservative and present a professional image. Stockings for ladies should include a solid colour and for their interview a suit that is a colour that compliments their attire. Their stockings should not be fishnet or have any kind of novelty design on them. It is also important to make sure that the stockings are the same colour and do not have colourful patterns on them.


Men should wear appropriate dress shoes that have been polished and cleaned. Ladies can wear high heels, but stiletto high heels are unnecessary and usually uncomfortable. Remember that, if the interview process goes well, you could be there for several hours. So wear shoes that are comfortable and will not give you any problems.


If you have prescription eyewear, or require glasses for reading, then make sure that your frames have a professional look to them. There should be no novelty images or designs on your frames to distract from the interview. If you do not have to wear prescription sunglasses, then leave the shades at home. Sunglasses tend to give the look of arrogance, even on sunny days. So it is best to leave the non-prescription sunglasses at home.


Aside from your wedding rings, you should not be wearing any jewelry at all to your interview. Wearing a lot of expensive jewelry can give the impression that you would want a high salary and the interview could be over before it even starts. The best approach is to leave the jewelry at home, even if it is jewelry that you wear on a daily basis. When you need the very best in professional job interview advice, e there are tools and resources at CV Help that have been created by industry experts and are there p to help you put together the ultimate resume package. hen you can review the interview advice at CVHelp to make the best possible first impression on every hiring manager you meet.

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