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Landing a good job is hard these days. There’s tons of competition. Positions are being cut and downsized all the time. Many times, hiring agents already have a particular person in mind for a job before it’s advertised. It’s not unusual for jobs to be filled outside of the wanted job ads. A key advantage to getting hired these days is networking. Knowing someone who can give you an inside tip when a job comes available or put in a good word with the right person can be a distinct advantage in the job search. If you are looking for your dream job or thinking about changing careers, now is the time to focus on your network of contacts. Here are just a few networking tips that demonstrate how your connections can help you land your dream job.

Find new opportunities

The most obvious advantage networking can have in your search for a new job is to alert you to opportunities. Spread the word across your network of friends, past colleagues, family and acquaintances when you’re in the job market. It’s a great way of finding out about leads or opportunities you would otherwise have not known about. These people in your preexisting network can offer insights, connections, opportunities, career advice, LinkedIn tips and more. Many of the best jobs come about through referral.

Meet people who can provide references

One of the most sure fire ways to get hired is to have a stellar reference. If someone in your network can vouch for you, that’s even better. A personal testimonial from a friend or colleague can really go a long way toward pushing you over the edge in a competitive job market.

Make new introductions

People in your network can introduce you to people in their network. Such contacts may be very useful in providing information or job leads. It’s always a good idea to be open to the idea of expanding your network. Ask around for introductions to people whom you may like to get to know. Always remember to be genuine and show a true interest in meeting the new person. The ultimate hope may be that they can lead you to future opportunities, but no one wants to be used for their connections. When you’re networking, be willing to share what you know and to truly get to know the person in a professional way. Authenticity goes far when building relationships. Essentially, that’s what networking truly is. It’s building relationships. It’s not about seeing what you can get from someone. These genuine relationships can be one of the best ways to get hired. They can also enrich your life.

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