How to craft an effective CV profile: A guide for UK job seekers

Your CV profile is a crucial element of your job application in the UK, providing a snapshot of your essential skills, experience, and career goals. This concise summary can make a lasting impression, setting the tone for the rest of your CV and playing a pivotal role in capturing the attention of potential employers. Attempting to write one that gets you noticed? Keep reading!


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Imagine you’re a recruiter in a bustling UK firm, sifting through a mountain of applications for a single position. The day is long, your eyes are weary, and the CVs start to blur into one.

But then, something catches your eye. A CV profile that stands out from the crowd – a few short, punchy sentences that encapsulate the applicant’s skills, experiences, and ambitions. This isn’t just another candidate. This is someone who knows what they bring to the table and where they’re headed. Your interest is piqued, and you delve deeper into their CV.

This scenario underscores the power of a compelling CV profile. It can make the difference between your application being lost in the pile or catching the recruiter’s attention. A strong profile is your chance to make recruiters stop, take notice, and consider you as a potential asset to their team.

In this guide, we aim to equip you with the tools necessary to craft a captivating CV profile. Read on to discover:

  • How to write a CV profile,
  • Top tips for a compelling one,
  • Examples of CV profiles for different job titles.

What is a CV profile?

A CV profile, sometimes referred to as a personal statement, CV personal summary, or CV statement, is the introductory segment of your CV. In essence, it’s a succinct, yet powerful, portrayal of your professional persona, showcasing your distinctive attributes, competencies and work history.

This section, being the first one encountered by a recruiter, holds a tremendous amount of weight. It’s your initial opportunity to persuade the recruiter that you’re not only a worthy candidate for the role, but a standout amongst others.

Leveraging it effectively can set the stage for the rest of your CV, and significantly increase your chances of securing an interview.

Do you need a personal profile
on a CV?

Views on personal profiles on CVs vary amongst recruiters and hiring managers. Some believe they’re instrumental to a CV due to their convenient summary of a candidate’s abilities. Others, however, consider personal statements as an unproductive use of valuable space and time.

Which one is it then? The answer is… both!

Indeed, while a CV personal profile can be an advantageous feature in your application, it’s not always a necessary component of every CV in the UK. It is especially beneficial when you have a wealth of experience or CV skills pertinent to the position you’re applying for, as it provides a platform to highlight these to your potential employer.

Conversely, if you’re a recent graduate or an individual with minimal work experience, it might not be as useful. Why? Because a graduate’s personal profile risks appearing dull and generic, with cliched statements like ‘I’m hardworking and organised.’

This reasoning explains why some recruiters believe personal profiles suit senior CVs better. In this instance, your CV may be better served by focusing on your education, any relevant modules or coursework, and transferrable skills gained from any extracurricular activities or internships.

How to write a CV profile

Constructing an effective one is akin to storytelling. It’s about crafting a compelling narrative that distinguishes you as a prime candidate for the role while remaining authentic and relevant. Keep reading to learn how to write a CV personal profile.

What to write in a CV profile?

Not sure what to include in your CV personal profile? Here are some key elements to consider before you begin writing:

  • Professional title and experience: Start your profile stating your current job title and professional experience. For example, a marketer could start with ‘Digital Marketing Specialist with 5 years of experience’. This will give recruiters an immediate idea of what role they are most suited for.
  • Key skills: It should highlight your most relevant skills. Be sure to tailor this section to the specific job you’re applying for, focusing on the abilities and expertise that make you an ideal candidate for the role. This could include technical skills, interpersonal skills, or industry-specific knowledge.
  • Career goals: Your personal statement should communicate your career aspirations. This helps potential employers understand your motivations, how the position fits into your career plan, and why you would be a good fit for their company.
  • Achievements: In this section, discuss your roles, the companies you have worked for, and the key results you achieved. Mention any awards, recognitions, or significant projects that you’ve worked on. Remember to use quantifiable metrics where possible to demonstrate your impact.
  • Qualifications: Depending on the role and your experience, you might also want to mention your highest level of education or any professional qualifications that are relevant to the role.

Remember, your profile should be concise and to the point. Avoid jargon and cliches. Always tailor it (and your entire CV) to the role you’re applying for, highlighting existing skills, experience, and relevant achievements that are most relevant to the job description.

How long should a CV profile be?

Now that you know what to put in it, you’re probably wondering how long a CV profile should be. As a general rule, aim to keep your profile between four to six lines of text. Anything longer and you risk losing the recruiter’s attention.

Remember, your personal statement is meant to be a snapshot of your professional persona, not an exhaustive summary. Keep it concise, impactful, and tailored to the job role you’re applying for.

Where to include a CV profile on your CV?

It should appear at the very top of your CV, right under your contact details. As the first section a recruiter reads, it serves as an introduction and gives them an overview of your professional persona. It’s the perfect place to capture the recruiter’s interest and encourage them to read further into your CV.

Remember, your personal statement is not meant to tell your whole career story—only to give a snapshot and pique the reader’s curiosity.

Examples of CV profiles

CV profile examples

Now that we have explored concept, importance, and construction, let’s delve into some practical CV personal profile examples to help solidify your understanding. In this section, we will present a range of examples tailored to various job titles to give you a clearer insight into crafting a standout CV profile.

CV profile examples student

CV profile examples student

This CV personal statement works well because it begins with a clear professional title and field of study, effectively outlining the candidate’s current status and area of expertise. It then focuses on the key skills that the individual has developed, such as organisational and leadership abilities, which are both highly sought after by employers. Additionally, it effectively communicates the individual’s career goals by highlighting their eagerness to apply and enhance their skills in a practical setting.

CV profile examples for students

This student CV profile effectively showcases the candidate’s current education status and area of special interest, instantly providing a clear picture of his expertise. Furthermore, by incorporating key skills obtained through academic coursework and internships, it paints an engaging portrait of a driven individual with valuable skills. Lastly, the inclusion of career aspirations signifies a motivated candidate focused on applying and deepening their knowledge in a practical setting, which is appealing to potential employers.

CV profile for customer service

Customer service CV profile

The above works well because it effectively showcases the individual’s substantial experience and specialised skills in customer service. It also communicates the candidate’s dedication to customer satisfaction, problem-solving capabilities, and ability to perform in team-based or independent scenarios, making them highly attractive to potential employers.

CV profile for graduate

Graduate CV profile

This Graduate CV profile is effective as it provides a clear and concise summary of the candidate’s recent educational attainment, area of expertise, and key strengths. The candidate’s ambitions and eagerness to apply and improve their skills in a practical setting are also clearly communicated, making them an attractive prospect for potential employers.

CV profile for freshers

CV profile statement - freshers

This CV personal profile works well because it emphasises the candidate’s enthusiasm, adaptability, and relevant skills acquired from academic projects and internships. These qualities are attractive to potential employers, presenting the candidate as someone eager to learn and contribute effectively to a professional team.

CV profile for teacher

CV profile statement - teacher

This one is effective because it immediately underscores the individual’s extensive experience and adaptability in elementary education. It effectively communicates the candidate’s teaching philosophy and commitment to student engagement, professional growth, and lesson plan development. Moreover, the emphasis on being a collaborative team member and proficient communicator paints a picture of an individual capable of fostering strong relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

CV profile for accountant

CV profile statement - accountant

This personal statement immediately highlights the candidate’s professional certification and experience in the field, swiftly establishing their credibility. Moreover, the profile effectively showcases the candidate’s key strengths, such as analytical skills and precision in financial reporting, tying these assets to their past successes in previous roles. This strategic presentation assures potential employers of the candidate’s capability to contribute significantly to the financial health of their organisation.

CV profile for sales executive

what to write in CV profile - sales executive

This sales executive CV profile stands out due to its clear delineation of the candidate’s proven experience in the field backed by quantifiable success, such as a 5-year proven track record of exceeding sales targets. Furthermore, it highlights the candidate’s ability to build strong relationships and adapt to a challenging professional environment—key skills in sales—while also demonstrating focus and pragmatism. This balance of hard and soft skills, alongside a clear, future-oriented career goal, creates a compelling snapshot that is likely to engage potential employers.

CV profile for general worker

what to write in CV profile - general worker

This CV personal profile stands out as it immediately conveys the candidate’s versatility and adaptability across multiple industries. The profile’s focus on a strong work ethic and commitment to safety further enhances its effectiveness, generating a positive impression of a responsible and dedicated individual. Finally, the stated eagerness to apply these skills in a new setting suggests a proactive and enthusiastic candidate, appealing to potential employers.

CV profile for graphic designer

what to write in CV profile - graphic designer

This graphic designer CV profile is effective due to its clear communication of the candidate’s substantial experience and specific technical skills. It highlights the candidate’s ability to work both collaboratively and independently, demonstrating adaptability. Moreover, the commitment to enhancing team creativity underscores a proactive and team-oriented mindset, which is appealing to employers.

CV profile for school leaver

CV profile summary - school leaver

This school leaver personal profile is successful because it concisely communicates the candidate’s academic achievements, personal strengths, and eagerness to acquire professional experience. It further highlights key soft skills such as problem-solving and teamwork, implying the candidate’s ability to add value to any team, making them an appealing prospect for potential employers.

CV profile for administrator

CV profile summary - administrator

This personal profile works well because it highlights the applicant’s substantial experience and key skills in administrative tasks. It gives specific instances of their abilities, like managing multiple projects and improving workflows, which shows their contribution potential. The mention of seeking a dynamic role emphasises their eagerness to use their skills in new challenges, making them attractive to potential employers.

CV profile for career change

CV profile examples UK - career change

This personal profile is effective because it showcases the candidate’s adaptability, diverse skill set, and readiness to take on new challenges – qualities highly prised by employers in any industry. The emphasis on collaboration and problem-solving further highlights the candidate’s potential to contribute positively in a new role, while their openness to learning new industries reveals a proactive and ambitious individual.

CV profile for warehouse operative

CV profile examples UK - warehouse operative

This CV personal profile for warehouse operative is highly effective as it clearly underscores the candidate’s experience and specific skills in the warehouse setting, such as inventory management and forklift operation. Additionally, the emphasis on safety standards, team collaboration, and deadline adherence suggests a reliable and competent individual, forming a favourable impression for potential employers.

CV profile for retail job

CV profile ideas - retail job

This personal statement for a retail job is effective because it highlights the candidate’s relevant experience, skills, and adaptability within the retail industry. By showcasing their ability to provide exceptional customer service and multitask efficiently, the candidate presents themselves as highly competent in the retail environment. Their desire to enhance their skills and contribute to a business further demonstrates their dedication and potential value to potential employers.

CV profile for 16 year old

CV profile ideas - 16 year old

This is an effective profile to put on a CV for a 16 year old because it showcases the candidate’s adaptability, excellent communication skills, and team-working abilities. Despite a lack of professional experience, the candidate effectively demonstrates their potential through the demonstration of balancing school and extracurricular activities, indicating strong time-management skills. Their stated eagerness to apply these skills and learn in a supportive work environment makes them an appealing prospect for potential employers.

CV profile for doctors

CV profile section - doctors

This one is highly effective due to its clear articulation of the candidate’s extensive experience and expertise in a healthcare setting. The candidate’s proficiency in diagnosing and formulating treatment plans, coupled with their commitment to providing excellent care and continuous professional development, paints a compelling picture of a competent and passionate medical professional. This profile not only showcases the hard skills and qualifications necessary for the role but also emphasises the candidate’s soft skills like teamwork and patient-centred care, making the candidate attractive to potential employers.

CV profile with no experience

CV profile section - with no experience

This CV profile for a candidate with no experience is effective because it strategically highlights their academic competencies, communication skills, and adaptability, which are transferable skills highly valued by employers. Additionally, the candidate’s expressed readiness to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings and the willingness to learn new things convey a proactive and enthusiastic attitude, making them an attractive prospect to potential employers despite the lack of formal work experience.

CV profile for first job

What to put in a CV profile - first job

This CV personal profile immediately showcases the candidate’s enthusiastic and positive attitude, qualities that are appealing to potential employers. The profile underscores the candidate’s team play, strong work ethic, self-motivation, and willingness to learn, all of which are transferable skills that can be applied to their first job. Therefore, despite being a recent graduate, the candidate presents themselves as an attractive prospect ready to take on corporate challenges.

CV profile of a manager

What to put in a CV profile - manager

This personal profile succinctly showcases the candidate’s extensive managerial experience and proven leadership abilities. The specifics about their skills in strategic planning, staff development, and problem-solving give potential employers a clear understanding of their capabilities. Furthermore, their ambition to further develop their management skills in a leadership role signals their commitment to personal growth and contribution to a potential employer.

CV personal profile for bar work

CV profile template - bar work

This personal statement for bar work is effective as it directly highlights the candidate’s extensive experience in the hospitality industry, emphasizing their speed, efficiency, and top-notch customer service. The mention of specific skills such as cocktail crafting and understanding patrons’ preferences demonstrates their expertise. This, coupled with their enthusiasm to utilise these skills in a dynamic bar environment, paints a compelling picture of a competent and passionate bartender, making them a desirable candidate for potential employers.

CV personal profile for software developer

CV profile template - software developer

This one works well due to its clear summary of the candidate’s strong technical capabilities and extensive experience. The showcasing of the ability to work independently and as part of a team, as well as the eagerness to contribute to innovative projects, sends a positive signal to potential employers about the candidate’s adaptability and motivation. In a competitive tech industry, such a profile stands out, making the candidate an attractive prospect.

CV profile of a cleaner

CV profile examples UK - cleaner

This CV personal profile of a cleaner offers a detailed portrayal of the candidate’s relevant experience and praised qualities such as attention to detail and time management. These attributes, coupled with the candidate’s flexibility to work in various settings and team configurations, provide a solid presentation of their competence and commitment in a cleaning role, making them an appealing prospect for potential employers.

CV profile of nursing

CV profile examples UK - nursing

This personal statement for a nurse works well due to its concise representation of the candidate’s professional skills and experiences in nursing. This profile effectively communicates the candidate’s aptitude and dedication for patient care, their ability to work in high-stress environments, and their collaboration skills within multidisciplinary teams. These qualities, combined with their career motivation, make them an appealing prospect to potential healthcare employers.

CV profile of waitress

Good CV profile examples - waitress

This CV personal profile effectively highlights her vast experience in the hospitality industry and her proficiency in handling high-stress situations. The emphasis on her ability to maintain a professional demeanour, engage positively with customers, and contribute to a team-centric environment showcases her as an asset. These attributes, combined with her passion and determination, make her a compelling candidate for potential employers.

CV profile of a psychologist

Good CV profile examples - psychologist

This CV profile example works due to its efficient communication of the candidate’s extensive experience, speciality in cognitive-behavioural therapy, and dedication to personalised client care. The presentation of their ability to function both independently and as part of a team, along with their eagerness for continual professional growth, make the candidate an attractive prospect for potential employers in the mental health field.

CV profile administrative assistant

Good CV profile examples - administrative assistant

This personal statement of an administrative assistant stands out due to its succinct summary of the candidate’s key organisational skills and relevant experience, effectively demonstrating their ability to handle the demands of a bustling office environment. Moreover, the emphasis on their problem-solving capabilities, attention to detail, and communication skills present them as a well-rounded candidate, aligning with the diverse requirements of an administrative role, thereby making them a valuable asset for potential employers.

Please note that these CV personal statement examples are meant to serve as general guides and inspiration. Every individual, job role, and career path is unique, and it is essential to tailor your CV profile to reflect your specific skills, experiences, and the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Don’t copy these examples verbatim. Instead, use them as a starting point and modify them to match your circumstances, ensuring that your CV effectively highlights your unique strengths and qualifications.

CV profile - top tips

  • Start with a strong opening sentence: Begin with a compelling sentence to grab the recruiter’s attention and keep them interested in your profile.
  • Customise: Don’t resort to a generic approach for your CV profiles – or CV in general. Instead, tailor each profile to match the specific skills, experiences, and requirements outlined in the job description.
  • Keep it brief: Keep it concise and impactful. Ideally, it should not exceed 5-6 lines, yet it should adequately summarise your skills, experiences, and career aspirations.
  • Use powerful language and figures: Use strong action verbs like ‘achieved’, ‘developed’, ‘managed’ to highlight your accomplishments. Also, consider including specific numbers or percentages to lend more credibility to your claims.
  • Avoid clichés: Make sure your profile is clear of overused phrases and clichés. Phrases like ‘hard-working’, ‘team player’ or ‘can work independently’ are often overused and don’t provide specific insight into your abilities. Instead, illustrate these qualities with real-life examples.
  • Avoid the use of pronouns: When writing your CV profile, try to avoid using personal pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’, or the third-person pronoun “he/she”. This allows you to focus more on your skills and accomplishments. Instead of saying “I developed a new software solution”, you could say “Developed a new software solution”. This style of writing is more professional and places emphasis on your actions and achievements.
  • Proofread: Finally, ensure it is free of any typographical or grammar mistakes. Utilise online tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to perfect your profile, and consider seeking feedback from a trusted mentor or friend.
  • Ensure consistency with your cover letter: Your CV and cover letter should complement each other, delivering a unified message. Discrepancies between the two may confuse potential employers and cast doubts on your credibility.

Craft a winning CV profile today

A compelling profile is pivotal in capturing the attention of potential employers and showcasing your skills, experiences, and career aspirations effectively. Remember, first impressions matter, and this section is often the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager sees, so ensure it’s a strong representation of your professional persona.

Now that you’re equipped with these tips, why not put them to the test? Check out CVHelp’s CV builder tool and make your CV profile stand out today!

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