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Updated : 02/28/2023

You have been working hard to write the most professional representation of your qualifications that you can. It is a CV that you are proud of and you know that it will land you the job you want. But what do you do with this great CV of yours now that you have it? There are several things you can do to get the exposure you need to get the job you want. Submit your CV in the right place, promote it online, and be proactive to get the job you want.

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Use your CV to create a professional website

These days, more and more potential employers are doing searches online to see what kind of talent is out there. In order to get your name in front of those employers, you need to have a professional website they can find. You can post your CV on your own professional website and then use tags and keywords to get your website to show up in search engine results. You can even use a free website service that will get you better search results and get your CV seen.

Submit your CV to a job board

There are a wide variety of job boards on the internet where you can post your CV in order to get it seen by thousands of potential employers around the world. Set aside a day or two to fill out profiles on internet job boards, and then post your CV to those online boards. As long as you fill out your profiles completely and follow the instructions to post your CV, you will boost your chances of being seen by recruiters and talent scouts.

Bring your CV to job fairs

Your CV is your most powerful marketing tool for your job search, but it is only powerful if people see it. After you have put together a CV you are proud of, print up several copies and head out to as many job fairs as you can to start giving your CV to people who are hiring. You can significantly increase your chances of getting hired by submitting your CV directly into the hands of hiring managers at job fairs.

Visit companies you want to work for

Your CV can be your ticket to the job of your dreams if you just get that CV into the right hands. Instead of calling up companies you want to work for and hoping that you get the right voicemail, you should print out your CVs, put on your interview suit and start paying personal visits to these companies. The worst-case scenario is that the receptionist tells you they are not hiring and turns you away. But some companies will want your CV and you may even get an interview or two.

Until you get your CV into the hands of hiring managers, your CV is powerless to help you get the job you want. Once you’ve created your CV, it’s important to let it work for you. If you submit your CV to the right places, use it to build out your online presence, and get it in the hands of your potential employers, it’s more likely to help you land your ideal job and advance your career.

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