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Your job interview skills are critical in landing the job you want, so it helps to understand what interviewers are looking for and how to answer interview questions. Remember that every answer you give and each thing that you do will be scrutinised, so it helps to remember these ten tactics when you’re under the microscope.

1. Don’t make jokes

Even a joke that seems completely harmless has the potential to offend someone, and you don’t want to take that chance in an interview. Many speechwriters recommend using a joke to break the tension associated with speaking to a group, but this approach isn’t advisable when you’re aiming to impress a potential employer with an unfamiliar sense of humour.

2. Do come prepared

When you show up to your interview, you should arrive 30 minutes early and have plenty of copies of your CV and references with you. You should also have your own pad of blank paper and a pen with you as well. Spend time practising how to answer interview questions that come up often, and you’ll be in a better position to impress your potential employer.

3. Don’t wear Cologne or perfume

Part of preparing for your interview is to engage in proper hygiene habits such as showering and brushing your teeth. One habit you need to break for interview day is wearing pungent perfumes or colognes. Some people are very sensitive—or even allergic—to perfumes and colognes, and your choice of scent may not be as universally appealing as you think.

4. Do smile

The best way to convey a positive and professional image is to smile when you shake someone’s hand and smile whenever you address the interviewer. Avoid smiling too much because it can make the interviewer uncomfortable, but learn to smile at the right times to make your interview a success.

5. Don’t slouch 

Even experienced job hunters often fail to pay attention to this vital rule. Your posture in your chair and the way you use your hands in the interview are important. Work on your posture and mannerisms by watching yourself in the mirror as you practice for your interview.

6. Do give concise answers

This tactic is especially important if you’re looking for phone interview tips. When an interviewer asks you a question, only give the answer that is required. An interviewer does not want you to ramble when you give an answer to interview questions. If the interviewer is interested in follow-up information, they will ask for more.

7. Don’t use profanity or slang

There are plenty of slang terms that become part of our everyday speech that we have to eliminate from our vocabulary during a job interview. If you tend to use obscenities frequently when you talk to others, then be conscious of that in the interview room.

8. Do be ready for anything

Just because you researched how to answer interview questions and have prepared answers for the most common ones does not mean that you are completely prepared for everything the interviewer will ask. You will likely get one of those odd questions that catches you off guard, so be prepared with additional talking points.

9. Don’t look at your watch

There are several things you could do at a job interview that would be considered impolite, but one of the rudest is checking the time. Don’t do it, no matter what you have planned after the interview. The same goes for checking your cell phone: turn it on silent, or turn it off, and tuck it away in your bag for the duration of the interview.

10. Do remain positive

You will never really know how the interview went until it is over. As you go through the process, remain positive and keep your attitude upbeat to show your interviewer that you can remain calm and persevere in any situation. Job interviews can be high-pressure situations, but as long as you come prepared and present yourself with confidence, there’s no reason you can’t ace even the most daunting one. Keep these ten methods in mind to ensure you’re ready to face any interviewer.

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