Adding the Dean’s List to your CV

Making the Dean’s List can be a great achievement to feature on your CV. What’s the best way to add this recognition to your CV?



Table of Contents

  1. Dean’s List on a CV
  2. What is the Dean’s List?
  3. Adding the Dean’s List to your CV
  4. When to avoid adding the Dean’s List to your CV
  5. FAQ: Dean’s List on a CV

Dean’s List on a CV

When you’re listing your academic achievements on your CV, there are a number of different options available. If you made the Dean’s List, then you might think about adding Dean’s List honors in your education section or in its own accomplishments section on your CV template. Is it actually a good way to show potential employers that you’re the right person for the job? How do you list it? What does it mean on a CV? Here’s everything you need to know about putting Dean’s List on your CV.

What is the Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List is an award for students that demonstrate academic excellence. This award is typically assigned based on grade point, with a high GPA as a requirement, but the cumulative GPA requirement to receive Dean’s List honors will vary depending on the school and even on the semester. Either way, it definitely requires a lot of hard work to get this certification, and that’s why many people want to list Dean’s List on their CV, especially as recent graduates.

Adding the Dean’s List to your CV

When should you add the Dean’s List to your professional CV? The number of semesters you received the honor is the first thing to consider. Typically, you should include this award if you made it all semesters. If you only missed one semester, then you may also include this honor, depending on what other honors and certifications you have to show off.

You should also include other academic honors. Cum laude honors, also known as Latin honors, are the most popular – cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude. You may also have honors that are individualized to your school, like a Student of the Year Award.

Lastly, when you do add Dean’s List to your CV, put it in the right place. There are two common sections where you would include Dean’s List honors: in your CV education section and in its own accomplishments section. Adding it underneath your education, like you would a job description, can help you showcase your Dean’s List award. Here are a few examples:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
University of London, London, UK
Graduated 2018
Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
Manhattan College, Manhattan, New York
Graduated 2019 Dean’s List

Lastly, remember to include this in your cover letter as well. You want it to shine throughout your job search, and noting it in a various of contexts can make it the most likely that a hiring manager will notice.

When to avoid adding the Dean’s List to your CV

If these are all good reasons to add Dean’s List to your CV, then what are a few reasons to avoid adding it?

If you only made Dean’s List one semester at your college, then it’s probably best to avoid putting it on your CV. Rather than having this draw attention to your skills, it may make recruiters wonder why you didn’t receive Dean’s List for your other semesters. It’s best to leave this off if you only received it for a semester.

You should also consider passing this achievement over if it’s been many years since you were in school. Dean’s List awards would make more sense if you received them in the last four to five years. If it’s been longer than that, then Dean’s List awards may not be as applicable to you. Instead, focus on more recent achievements you’ve had in the last few years.

Lastly, if you have many other achievements to list, you can pass over the Dean’s List achievement, especially if it’s been a few years since you received it. Again, focusing on more recent achievements, especially achievements from your professional experience, is always going to be better than just focusing on your life during your college career unless you’re working in academia.

FAQ: Dean’s List on a CV

Q: Can I include the Dean’s List if I made it a few semesters, but not all of them?

If you made the Dean’s List for more than half your semesters, then you might want to include it in your awards section with phrasing like, “Dean’s List 3 semesters.” If you made it for less than half of your semesters, it’s typically best to avoid it.

Q: Should I include the Dean’s List if I also have other academic achievements?

A wide variety of college students may receive the Dean’s List award, depending on the grade point average required, while other academic achievements may be limited to just a few students. You always want to list whatever academic achievements you’ve made that have the fewest individuals attached to them.

Q: How can I talk to a recruiter about my Dean’s List achievements?

When you get into a job interview, you may need to talk about your Dean’s List achievements. Use them to highlight what your successes have taught you about work, including how you’ve used your success to push forward and how it led you to the point you’re at now. You can also tie it into any relevant coursework you did that you really enjoyed or really excelled at.


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