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In the digital job hunting world, you will find that there are several terms being used to describe the same thing. For example, a US resume is occasionally referred to as a CV by some job hunting websites—though it can mean something completely different depending on the company. The term “job board” can also refer to different platforms and resources. So what is a job board? Basically, it is an online listing of available jobs. There are several reasons why this tool can be a valuable resource in your job hunt.

What is a job board?

A job board is a website you can use to search for jobs in a particular area. In most cases, job boards have search features which allow you to narrow down your search by industry, geographic region, salary range and a wide array of other factors. You can upload your CV to a job board for anyone to view and you can also submit your CV to listings within your field.

What is the best way to use a job board?

There are two primary functions you should use to maximise your exposure on a job board. The first is to upload your CV and fill out the profile on the job board as completely as possible. A completed profile and CV will be available to a wide variety of employers and can be a great way for you to get job leads. The other way to use a job board is to do focused searches for jobs in your industry and submit your CV and cover letter to potential employers. Remember to create a custom cover letter for each job listing and that includes using the hiring manager’s name if it is included.

Why should I use a job board?

There is a prevailing thought in the job hunting industry that the best jobs are not posted on job boards, but that does not mean that you should not use one in your hunt. Even if a company has already filled a position you have applied for on a job board, you have still managed to get your credentials to a company that is hiring, and that could lead to an interview for a different position within the same company. Job boards also tend to be the places where employers look for employment candidates without listing jobs at all. Many employers use the search function to find potential employees that interest them, and they will make direct contact with those potential employees through the job board.

Which job board should I join?

The simple answer here is all of them. There is no such thing as too much exposure for your CV and there is no such thing and being a part of too many job boards. When you create profiles on multiple job boards, then that also enhances your exposure on the major search engines and that can really boost your chances of getting the job you want.

Learning how to use a job board is essential as you search for new career opportunities. This tool can help you search for and discover new jobs, expand your professional presence online and enable employers to find your profile. All of this makes it easier for you to find a new job—or for jobs to come to you.

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