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Your CV can tell employers clear, concrete details about the kind of work you’re looking for and the kind of work you’ve completed in the past. It can tell employers where you live, what you studied, how to reach you, and what special skills you have that might help you move the company forward. It can also reveal so much more. Here are three less direct CV personality traits that you can leverage to impress hiring managers and land the job you want.

You care about the details

You not only know how to dot an i and cross a t, but you also know when and where these kinds of tiny details matter and how they add up to a successful work life. Your CV is one of the situations in which your attention to detail matters. Whether it takes a minute, an hour, or a week to get the editing help you need and get this right, that’s how much time you need to put in. If you craft a CV that’s free of grammatical and spelling errors, you’ll demonstrate that you’re meticulous about details and won’t miss important issues on the job.

You recognise the power of positivity and professionalism

You may not get every decision right—nobody does—and you may not eternally love and perfectly mesh with every job you’ve ever had. If you did, you’d still be working for your first employer. You make mistakes, you learn, you grow, and you move forward. However, through it all, you need to set high expectations for yourself and keep your sights focused on the future. You can demonstrate this in your CV by demonstrating the skills you’ve learnt from your past positions.

You have an eye for style and presentation

You know that presentation matters just as much as content, and style matters just as much as substance. Half of success is what you do, and the other half is how you do it. If you prove this with your balanced, appealing CV layout, you’ll show that you can do the same when it’s time to present your new employer’s company to its clients. These CV personality traits can shine through if you include the right details in your application materials. If you can enhance the positive and job-friendly aspects of your personality as you’re crafting your CV, you’re sure to impress any hiring manager in any field.

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