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Updated : 02/27/2023

Mobile computing is becoming very popular around the world as the number of smartphones and tablets continues to rise. As you get into your job search, you will want to use all of the tools at your disposal to find the perfect job for you. There are a few mobile trends that are helping job hunters to find the job of their dreams and keep their careers moving.

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Mobile apps are becoming more comprehensive

One of the more prevalent mobile trends affecting job hunting is the evolution of mobile apps. People who are working but looking for a better job shouldn’t use their current company computers for their job hunt. As soon as the company finds out that an employee is using company computers to look for a new job, that employee will rapidly become an ex-employee. The need for secrecy during a job hunt is why mobile apps are becoming so popular with employers and job hunters. There are job-hunting websites putting out very intuitive apps that are helping job hunters to match up with the perfect employers.

The Application process is more streamlined

Thanks to advances in online screening software, employers are able to simplify the application process for mobile job hunters by simply requiring them to send in a CV instead of filling out a form. Trying to fill out a job application on a smartphone can be cumbersome and frustrating. Many large employers noticed that nearly half of the applications that were started by mobile users were never completed. That is why the trend of only needing to send a CV from a mobile app was started, and it makes job-hunting through a mobile app much easier for job hunters.

Small businesses are benefiting from mobile job-hunting

While it can be easier to just submit a CV for a potential job lead, that still does not offer the company all of the information it would need to make an initial decision on whether or not to interview a job candidate. Small businesses have found that utilising shorter application forms that are tailored for mobile devices helps to speed up the application process and get more responses from job hunters. It has been found that job hunters feel more comfortable with a job listing when they have been given a chance to fill out some type of application. The ability of small businesses to utilise shorter forms that appeal more to mobile users has helped small businesses to take full advantage of the rise in mobile computing.

New mobile trends are arising every day in the job market

Employers and internet job boards will continue to develop new mobile job-hunting apps because the trend of more people accessing websites through mobile devices than desktop computers is expected to accelerate. If employers want to really reach the very best candidates, then they are going to need to keep up with mobile trends. Technology and mobile trends can be used to your advantage during the job hunt. If you keep up with job search tips that leverage these advancements and create application materials that are optimised for new tech, you’ll adapt to this changing job market and use it to advance.

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