How To Add Your Skills to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great place for people to create job profiles and look for jobs themselves. What do you need to know about adding skills to your LinkedIn?



Table of Contents

  1. LinkedIn Skills
  2. Best Skills To Add On LinkedIn
  3. How To Add and Verify Your LinkedIn Skills?
  4. FAQ: LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn Skills

According to post-hire research undertaken by LinkedIn, job seekers hired through the platform are less likely to leave their new position within six months, and top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools. This means that your LinkedIn skills could be crucial in attracting recruiters and securing you a new job. This is partly because top skills and endorsements can drive targeted traffic and increase your profile views. Of course, the amount of attention you get is dependent on the key skills you have. LinkedIn has found that some skills, like artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, generate more interest than others.

So yes, LinkedIn skills are important in a number of ways, and the endorsements section is a crucial part of how the algorithm treats your profile. In this article, we will discuss:

  • Which skills to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • How to add skills on LinkedIn
  • How to edit and delete skills from LinkedIn
  • How to verify your LinkedIn skills
  • The importance of endorsements

Best Skills To Add On LinkedIn

If you want to level up your career prospects, it’s important to use LinkedIn correctly. There’s no point in adding every skill you can through LinkedIn Learning; you need to specialize. Here’s how you can determine which skills and certifications to add to your LinkedIn profile:

1.Hard skills for your industry

The hard skills that are essential to your industry should be among the first things that you add to your profile section, especially if you have certifications from prestigious companies like Microsoft or Google.

2.Soft skills you’ve developed

Next, you should think about the soft skills you have developed over your professional career. Consider soft skills such as good communication abilities, emotional intelligence, leadership or management skills, and adaptability, all of which can pique a hiring manager’s interest.

3.Anything you’ve been praised for at previous jobs

If you have been awarded or recognized for specific knowledge, CV skills or traits by previous employers, be sure to add them to your LinkedIn skill set.

In short, when adding specific skills to your LinkedIn profile, prioritize relevant skills that are connected to your industry. While it can be tempting to focus on hard skills, adding soft skills to your profile can be beneficial, especially if they are among some of the top searched skills on the platform. Skills like creativity and time management generate more interest than you might imagine.

How To Add and Verify Your LinkedIn Skills?

Adding technical skills or soft skills to your LinkedIn profile is as simple as using the edit function. Simply scroll to the “Skills & Endorsements” section and click the pencil icon to add or delete skills. This is a very simple process but verifying your skills can be a little trickier. Here’s how you can do it:

Get an endorsement

When the LinkedIn skill endorsement system first aired, there were concerns about the fact that anyone could endorse the skills on a profile. The system has been refined since then, and highly endorsed skills are likely to increase the attention your profile gets.

Take a skill assessment

If you are proficient in using common software such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word or in skills like JavaScript, you can take a brief skills assessment to earn a verifying badge.

Get a LinkedIn Learning certificate

If you want to add new skills or verify non-formal skills, you can invest time in LinkedIn Learning. This feature is updated regularly to reflect sought-after skills and provides the opportunity to upskill or develop your professional capabilities. Once you finish a LinkedIn learning course, it will show on your profile.

Once you have added your skills, and included training, skill assessments or endorsements from people in your network, you will be more likely to see growth in the traffic reaching your LinkedIn profile. You might even begin to hear from recruiters.

FAQ: LinkedIn Skills

Q: Do I really need to fill out skills on LinkedIn?

It is a good idea to fill in your LinkedIn skills section, especially if you are in the middle of a job search. Filling in LinkedIn skills will give any recruiters who come across your profile an idea of your qualifications and skills. This could even prompt them to reach out and offer you an interview or discuss job opportunities with their company.

Q: When should I review and update old LinkedIn skills?

You should review your LinkedIn skills once a year to make sure they are still up to date and relevant. Pay special attention to your top skills as these are the ones that hiring managers and recruiters will be most drawn to.

Q: What skills are highly valued for my LinkedIn profile?

The skills and endorsements that are most likely to be highly valued in your industry can be determined in a number of ways. You can check the LinkedIn and social media profiles of successful people in your industry. You should also make use of your LinkedIn connections and ask them what they see as critical qualifications for your job. You can also search the CVHelp CV directory for example CVs tailored to your industry.


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