Best tips for writing an impeccable web developer CV

Is creating websites all you ever wanted to do? Use these guidelines to create a dazzling web developer CV.



Table of Contents

  1. Foolproof ways to write an eye-catching web developer CV
  2. What Is a web developer?
  3. Key skills to list on a web developer CV
  4. Four tips to write a web developer CV that stands out
  5. FAQ: Web developer CV

Foolproof ways to write an eye-catching web developer CV

Web developers are extremely sought after these days. However, to land the job in this profession, you’ll need an excellent web developer CV. Read the following and find out what you must include in your CV (and what you should leave behind).

You will learn:

  • 1. Other job titles for a web developer
  • 2. Important skills to display on your CV
  • 3. Four tips for writing a web developer CV that stands out

What Is a web developer?

A web developer is a person who creates and maintains websites. They monitor the site’s performance and capacity. A front-end developer may work on:

  • Web design
  • User experience or user interface

A back-end developer may work more on:

  • Frameworks
  • HTML
  • E-commerce

During your job search, you may come across a job posting that has a different title with the same skill set. Although web developers work specifically with the web, they can also have crossover with software, hardware, and mobile apps. Because of this, web developers may also be called:

  • Web designer or software designer
  • Web engineer or software engineer
  • Software developer
  • Shopify or WordPress developer
  • Web analyst
  • Web consultant

Key skills to list on a web developer CV

Like most workers, web developers should have both hard skills and soft skills to be successful employees.

A full-stack web developer could have many technical skills. Hard skills for a web developer include:

  • Programming
  • Coding languages (e.g., JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, C++, PHP, Java…)
  • DNS Management
  • Wireframes
  • Debugging
  • Web design
  • AJAX

Soft skills may include:

  • Team player
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management

Four tips to write a web developer CV that stands out

1. Include important projects (creating a website from scratch, developing your own video player, etc.).
There are many ways to stand out from the other job seekers by including personal passion projects on your CV. Maybe you have a bootstrap project on GitHub or a java app you designed in your spare time. Hiring managers scan CVs quickly, so including something a little out of the ordinary is sure to get their attention.
2. Highlight programming languages.

Web developers tend to have a broad range of technical skills. However, most likely, you are an expert in some programming languages and not so great in others. List only your best programming skills that are also relevant to the specific job you want; this will help hiring managers quickly assess your skills. Some languages web developers may include on their CV are:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • SQL

3. Include your portfolio link with your contact information.

A portfolio can offer an interactive or visual element that your CV may otherwise lack. Web development work can be complex and difficult to explain in such a limited format. A portfolio can display your web developer skills in a way the hiring manager can’t ignore. It also offers a great point of reference for discussion during your interview.
4. Create an impressive-looking CV with a template.
A web developer CV template can help you create your own CV in minutes. A template will tell you exactly where to place all of your information, from the header to your CV summary to your education section where you can, but not necessarily, add any certifications.

FAQ: Web developer CV

Q: How do you quickly gain web developer experience if you have none?

There are several ways you can gain additional work experience to boost your CV, even if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science. Check the job description for the type of experience and technical skills they are looking for. Then gain relevant experience in these areas by:

  • Working on freelance projects with a lower barrier to entry
  • Working on open-source projects where anyone may contribute
  • Joining industry meetup groups at school or online

Q: Why is a well-written web developer CV important?

Web developer jobs are plentiful but each job can have hundreds of applicants. Having the perfect CV is important in order to get noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter. Companies may also use applicant tracking systems to scan your CV robotically for CV format and key skills or words. In this instance, having a great CV is necessary just to get it through the system to a human.

Q: What are the best samples of a web developer CV?

A web developer CV sample can help you to envision what your CV should look like. Whether you’re applying for an entry-level or expert position, CV examples can help you to create your CV with more confidence.


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