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  1. Production manager CV example
  2. Structure of a production manager CV
  3. Do’s and don’ts for a production manager CV
  4. FAQ: Production manager CVs

Production manager CV example

A production manager is an important job, which means that it requires a great CV. There are many responsibilities in this job, and you want hiring managers and recruiters to be able to see that you have the correct skills and experience.

These tips and CV examples, along with a unique and easy-to-use production manager CV template, will help you craft the best production manager CV to use for your job search. 

Structure of a production manager CV

The perfect production manager CV format will include all of your relevant experiences and skills that match what a hiring manager or recruiters want, demonstrating your years of experience and your strong suits in the production field. 
The first part of the CV is your header. Here you will want to include your basic contact information, including your name, phone number, and email, so potential employers know how to reach you. 
CV summary
The next section of your CV is the CV summary. This is a two to a three-sentence-long statement that outlines your best skills and achievements, telling hiring managers why you’re right for the position. 
The skills section of your CV should include a mix of hard skills (technical knowledge, such as knowing specific programming languages) and soft skills (intangible traits and interpersonal skills) that are related to the production management field. Soft skills you might include are communication skills or organization – these are key skills that will benefit you in any job.
Work experience
The experience section is where you will list all of your relevant professional experiences in chronological order, with your most recent experience on top. Experiences you can put here are jobs related to production management or production tasks in general. 
For example, if you were a production assistant in your last job, highlight important responsibilities such as creating production schedules for a startup movie or contacting stakeholders to invest in a film. Use numbers to define your accomplishments, such as implementing cost savings programs that saved the film $2,000 or other similar metrics that led to profitability or increased efficiency.
In the education section, list your top education experience, such as your degrees or certifications. If you have a Bachelor of Science from UCLA in business administration, here is where you will list it.

Do’s and don’ts for a production manager CV


  • Make sure you check for spelling and grammar errors before submitting any CV or application. Have a family member or friend look over it for you to check for any mistakes.
  • Use keywords from the job description (e.g., particular skills or qualifications the employer is looking for) in your CV to help with applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers often use to scan CVs. Be sure the job title is also in the CV somewhere, as this could also help you pass the system. 
  • Research on the company before submitting your CV. Look at their LinkedIn and company website to see what they value in employees and in their work. This can give you a better idea of how to target their needs in your CV. 


  • Submit the same CV for every job. While you can use a template for each application, your experiences and skills will change depending on what you are applying to. 
  • Exceed two pages. For the most part, your CV should be one page long. Some CVs for experienced or senior-level positions can accommodate two pages. For a production manager CV, try to stay within one page. 
  • Emphasize experiences that are not relevant. A summer job at the ice cream shop may have been impactful for you, but it’s likely not relevant for the production field.

FAQ: Production manager CVs

Q: What are the skills required for a production manager?

A production manager has soft skills similar to other sorts of managers (e.g., leadership, collaboration, project management, attention to detail). Pricing budgets, creating schedules, and using software like Excel or Final Cut Pro are all hard skills that are good for a production manager. Other soft skills that are beneficial would be communication skills, organization, or public speaking.

Q: How do I format my CV for a production manager?

To format your CV for this role, follow the structure above. Include your header, CV summary or objective, skills, work experience, and education. Focus on the best skills, achievements and qualifications you have that fit the role.

Q: How can I write a production manager CV without a lot of experience?

You may have more relevant experience than you think. Any office administration experiences such as budgeting, creating schedules, project management, talking to clients, and more can be relevant to this position. Look at the job description to pinpoint responsibilities, and match them with experiences from your background. You can also include relevant volunteer or internship experiences, even if they were unpaid. Get inspired with our production assistant CV examples.


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