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Table of Contents

  1. How to write a pharmacy technician CV
  2. Jobs that relate to pharmacy technician CVs
  3. Seven elements to include on a pharmacy technician CV

How to write a pharmacy technician CV

The most important tool in a pharmacy technician job search is your CV. Having a well-written CV makes a great first impression and can put your job application at the top of the pile. Pharmacy technicians are expected to be detail-oriented, so your CV needs to be of similar quality. This guide will show you everything you need to create a solid pharmacy technician CV.

You will learn:

  • Jobs that relate to a pharmacy technician CV
  • What hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in a CV for a pharmacy technician
  • How to use CVHelp examples to create a professional CV

Jobs that relate to pharmacy technician CVs

During your job search, you may see different job positions that have the same function and responsibilities as a certified pharmacy technician. These can include:

  • Retail pharmacy assistant or retail pharmacy technician
  • Compounding technician
  • Pharmacy benefits manager
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Pharmacy consultant

Seven elements to include on a pharmacy technician CV

Your chances of getting a pharmacy technician job can be boosted simply by including the following elements on your CV.


1. Contact information Include accurate contact information so the hiring manager can get in touch with you. Your contact information should include:

  • Your full name
  • Professional title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address (town and state)

2. Personal statement or objective

A personal statement can describe how your career so far makes you a good fit for the job. An objective can describe your career goals. Both of these statements add a short narrative to your CV that can make it stand out to the reader. Pharmacy Technician CV


Statement Example:

Detail-oriented pharmacy technician with experience working in a hospital setting. CPhT certified with two years of experience at CVS pharmacy. Knowledge of inventory management and excellent customer service skills.

3. Skills

Pharmacy technician skills can include both hard skills and soft skills. You should include a mix of both in the skill section of your CV. Pharmacy technician skills can include:

  • Compounding medications
  • Inventory management
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Patient care
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Applying prescription labels
  • Communications skills
  • Organisation

4. Work experience

For each previous job, list the name of your employer, your job title, and your dates employed. Below this, you can include a few bullet points of your key responsibilities or tasks.


Pharmacy Technician CV Sample:


CVS, Pharmacy Tech Jan 2018 – Current

  • Counting, measuring and compounding prescriptions, applying prescription labels and confirming accuracy
  • Verifying patient’s insurance claims with insurance companies, problem-solving
  • Filling and distributing prescription medications in a high-volume retail location

5. Education In the education section of your CV make sure to include:

  • Highest level of education completed
  • Field of study/training programme

If you are still in school, include:

  • Your expected date of graduation
  • Field of study/training programme

6. Achievements and awards

List any relevant achievements or awards you may have received. This can help your CV stand out. These may include:

  • Professional awards for healthcare professionals
  • Scholarships or academic recognition
  • Awards for volunteer work

7. Certifications

Certifications can be a big boost to health care professionals including pharmacy technicians. Some common certifications for this profession include:

  • CPR
  • First aid
  • APTA

FAQ: Pharmacy technician CV

Q: Do I need to submit a cover letter with pharmacy technician CVs?

Yes. Always include a new cover letter for every job you apply for. You can get free tips, see examples, and explore easy-to-use templates with CVHelp’s Cover Letter Builder.

Q: Can I get a pharmacy technician job with no experience?

Yes. If you have the proper certifications, you can use your academic or volunteer experience to help you get a job as an entry-level technician. A well-written CV will help you land a pharmacy technician job no matter how many years of experience you have.

Q: Is it a good idea to change up my pharmacy technician CV for every job posting?

It is a great idea to change up your CV for each job posting you apply to. Use keywords from the job description in your CV to help align your experience with the job. This will make it easy for the hiring manager to recognize that you are a match for the position.


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