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Medical receptionists help medical professionals perform their jobs more effectively. How can you show off your medical receptionist talents in a CV?

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  1. Medical receptionist CV example
  2. Medical receptionist CVs
  3. What should I highlight in a medical receptionist CV?
  4. The structure of a medical receptionist CV
  5. Do’s and don’ts for a medical receptionist CV
  6. FAQ: Medical receptionist CV examples

Medical receptionist CV example

Medical Receptionist Resume Example RH 1 min

Medical receptionist CVs

A medical receptionist is an individual who is able to work the front desk at a medical office. This may be a general doctor’s office, a surgeon’s office, or even a specialist’s office, such as a dermatologist or a massage therapist. Either way, a medical receptionist is responsible for both the general receptionist work as well as more complicated medical tasks. Here’s how you can become a medical receptionist by creating a great CV.

What should I highlight in a medical receptionist CV?

A medical receptionist handles most elements of patient appointments that a nurse or doctor doesn’t handle. They’re part of the healthcare field even if they don’t have special medical certifications. And they file records and call insurance companies so nurses and doctors don’t have to worry about performing those tasks. This means on average, hiring managers are looking for a high degree of receptionist skills, with some knowledge of the medical field as well.

The structure of a medical receptionist CV

Your CV structure will partially depend on the CV format that you end up using: chronological, functional, or combination. Learn more about the different CV formats before you decide on one for your CV. Then, you’ll use these sections to fill out the CV.

Contact information

The first section is your CV header which contains your contact information. A CV header is fairly simple. It’s part of the design and typically includes your full name, email address, phone number, and professional portfolio links such as LinkedIn.

Professional summary or career objective

A professional summary or career objective is a great way to introduce yourself to a recruiter. It’s a short 2-3 sentence paragraph detailing your absolute best achievements, skills, and knowledge. These are three sentences to explain why you deserve to be hired. Write the rest of your CV, then go through it to determine the best highlights to use here.


Medical receptionists need to have a very strong skills section. A medical receptionist job requires you to know a lot about a variety of things, and that means there are many potential skills to feature. Here are some bullet points to consider:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Determining co-payments
  • Data entry
  • Greeting patients
  • Filing medical records
  • Managing a high volume of phone calls
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Understanding of general medical terminology
  • Gathering patient information and patient records
  • Data Protection Act
  • Filling out insurance information
  • Verifying insurance coverage
  • Handling insurance claims
  • General medical billing
  • Discussing patient care
  • Managing Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Providing general administrative support
  • Multitasking
  • Communication skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills

This section should include both soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are important because you’ll naturally be dealing with a wide variety of people, but hard skills are also important because you need to know how to manage records and put people into the system.

Work history

This is where you should put any work experience that you have in the field of being a medical assistant or other related jobs. There are many fields that might help you with CV writing. Even a retail job, especially if you did a lot of scheduling, could be relevant experience here. List all your work experience in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent position at the top.


A medical receptionist typically only needs GSCEs. However, there are also certifications and programmes that you can go through to make you a better medical assistant. If you have any of these, include them in your education section

Do’s and don’ts for a medical receptionist CV

Here are a few additional points to consider when writing your professional CV:


  • Highlight specific experiences that showcase your skills. These experiences indicate why you actually have those skills.
  • Discuss specific medical assistant positions you’ve been in. Inpatient and outpatient medical assistant experiences may be slightly different.
  • Use medical appointment terminology. Terms like “Check-in” and “Follow-up” help recruiters know that you understand the tasks the position requires.


  • List all of the skills from this page. You should pick between six to eight skills on average to highlight, choosing specific skills that you really excel in.
  • List more than 10 years of experience. Even if you’ve been doing this job for 20 years, you typically only have to list the 10 most recent years of experience for this job.
  • Include identifying information about specific patients. If you want to use a specific patient to show off your skills, just refer to them as a “previous patient.”

FAQ: Medical receptionist CV examples

Q: Do I need to include a cover letter for a medical receptionist application?

Yes. A cover letter gives you more of a chance to discuss your career highlights and how you can benefit a specific organisation. You can find out more by using the medical receptionist cover letter example on CVHelp, which is a great starting point to apply to your next job.

Q: How can I write a medical receptionist CV without a lot of work experience?

If you don’t have a lot of experience as a medical receptionist, you’ll typically want to highlight the experience you do have. Look at medical receptionist CV samples from CVHelp to find out how other people are talking about their experiences. You can include academic, volunteer, and internship work in this section.

Q: How do I change my medical receptionist CV to apply to different jobs?

Your best option is usually to include plenty of CV keywords. CV keywords can be found in a job posting, represented by the skills and qualifications the job requires. This tells you exactly the type of person a recruiter is interested in hiring. Read the job description, find the CV keywords, and use your own skills and experience to address them in your CV.

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