How to write an outstanding financial analyst CV

If you are looking for a financial analyst position, then follow these tips to write a compelling CV that will catch a recruiter’s attention.



Table of Contents

  1. Financial analyst CV example
  2. How to write an outstanding financial analyst CV
  3. What is a financial analyst?
  4. Essential skills to include in a financial analyst CV
  5. Top 3 guidelines for a compelling financial analyst CV
  6. FAQ: Financial analyst CV

Financial analyst CV example

Financial Analyst Resume Examples

How to write an outstanding financial analyst CV

A financial analyst has an essential part in helping their company attain a profit. This guide will address the specific role of a financial analyst, crucial elements of their skill set, and provide guidelines for writing an eye-catching CV.

What is a financial analyst?

Financial analysts are responsible for collecting financial data, analysing results, and using their findings to help their clients make good investment decisions. Financial analysts may work in banks, at insurance companies, or in private funds. During your job search, you may see financial analyst jobs with these descriptions:

  • Asset management
  • Financial management
  • Financial modelling analyst
  • Corporate finance director
  • FP&A (financial planning and analysis)

Essential skills to include in a financial analyst CV

Financial analyst jobs require both hard skills and soft skills. Whether you work in entry-level financial planning or as a senior financial analyst, these are some skills that will get the attention of the hiring managers at any firm:

  • Analytical skills
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Financial modelling
  • Microsoft Excel

Top 3 guidelines for a compelling financial analyst CV

  1. 1. Look for important keywords and use them in your CV.

    Words such as “due diligence” or “ad-hoc analysis” may be emphasised in the job description for a financial analyst job. Take note of these words and use them whenever possible in your CV. The perfect CV will align with the job posting without replicating it word for word. You can include keywords in your work experience, skills section, and even when describing relevant coursework in your education section.

  2. 2. Use bullet points to highlight your achievements.

    In your CV format, using bullet points instead of paragraphs creates a more punchy presentation that gets the hiring manager to notice you. Achievements to note as a financial analyst could be reduced costs or increases in sales. Use numbers where possible to describe your accomplishments. For example: “Reduced costs by 30%.”

    Work experience example:

    Chartered financial analyst, XYZ Fund – New York 2013 – present

    • Performed due diligence on a portfolio of companies to develop strategic plans, increasing growth by 12%
    • Updates daily balance sheet and conducts data analysis
    • Creates financial reports using Excel and PowerPoint
    • Implemented a new forecasting model to improve accuracy by 29%
  3. 3. Draw attention to relevant skills.

    Financial analyst jobs may be looking for specific areas of expertise in your skills section. To find out what these are, make sure to thoroughly read the job description. Make a note of the requested skills for the position and try to incorporate them into your CV so that the hiring manager will notice them. Focus on your most relevant or impressive skills. For a financial analyst, some skills you might highlight include:

    • Project management
    • Quantitative pricing
    • PowerPoint
    • Hyperion
    • Financial modelling and forecasting
    • Financial reporting

FAQ: Financial analyst CV

Q: What are red flags in a financial analyst CV?

  1. Listing too much work experience can surprisingly be considered a red flag. Frequently changing jobs can give off the impression that you are flighty, commitment-phobic, or a difficult employee. If you have job changes or gaps in employment, then it is best to explain these in your cover letter.

  2. Another red flag is spelling or grammar mistakes. Financial analysts are expected to have a superior sense of attention to detail. Using a CV template will organise your CV, so it is easier to proofread and check for any mistakes.

  3. For some hiring managers, a lack of achievements can be a red flag. If you don’t have many certifications or years of experience, then you may find it difficult to come up with achievements to list on your CV. In this case, make sure to include your bachelor’s degree and any honours or awards you received at school, as well as skills you may have acquired at internships or other extracurricular activities.

    You can also earn additional certifications online in subjects such as financial modelling, financial reporting, and data analysis. These certifications can bolster your CV and make your job search much easier.

Q: How do I expand my financial analyst skills?

Expanding your financial analyst skills can be a great way to make your CV more appealing. Look into CFA certificates and courses online, as well as entry-level courses into technology or concepts that you might not have studied yet. You can even get advanced training in skills or programmes you already work with, such as Excel.

Q: What are some of the best examples of financial analyst CVs?

Using a financial analyst CV template or examples can help you to create your own CV. You can see examples of CV summary, skills, work experience, and format for a financial analyst job.

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