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  5. Do's and don'ts for an aesthetician CV
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Aesthetician CV example

Esthetician Resume Example

Aesthetician CV sample

An aesthetician (sometimes spelled esthetician) is a trained and state-licenced skin care technician. They are skincare specialists that specialise in skin beautification and wellness.

This article will walk you through what aestheticians should highlight on their CVs to land more job interviews. We’ll then go over the structure of an esthetician’s CV, and give some valuable do’s and don’ts for aestheticians to follow to craft the perfect CV for their job search.

What to highlight in an aesthetician CV

Thanks to today’s growing baby boomer and senior population, aestheticians are in high demand. This generation is often seeking non-invasive skincare treatments to look younger. Aestheticians have a unique set of technical skills that make them great at their jobs. They also need interpersonal and organisational skills that make them great with their clients and make them look and feel their best.

Regardless of experience level, an aesthetician’s CV needs to catch the attention of recruiters. At the same time, it needs to highlight their skincare wellness skills, competencies and qualifications.

Aesthetician CV templates are great for aestheticians to review to understand what makes a great CV. By reviewing the perfect CVs, they understand what they need to highlight on their CV to get hired.

Here are some elements every esthetics CV should highlight:

  • A memorable professional summary – an esthetician’s professional summary section allows them to leave a great first impression. It should highlight their expertise in providing high-quality skincare programmes and treatments. Also, it should highlight their ability to upsell products. This section allows them to showcase their expertise in providing a positive experience for their clients.
  • Highlight certifications – every state requires a licence for aestheticians. So, aestheticians should provide the necessary information about their licences and certifications.
  • Showcase skills – aestheticians should showcase their skills in providing skincare treatments. These are treatments such as scrubs, facial massages, facial treatments, hair removal, chemical peels and so on. They should use hard numbers to show their achievements. This can be data that shows customer satisfaction or client retention.

By crafting the perfect aesthetician CV, aestheticians set a positive tone for the rest of the hiring process. They should use CV templates and CV builders to aid them in writing the perfect aesthetician CV. By doing so, they increase their chances of landing more job interviews.

The structure of an aesthetician CV

The format you decide to use for your aesthetician CV will depend on your level of experience. The three CV formats aestheticians can choose from are:

  • Reverse-chronological – This is by far the most popular CV format, leaving room for relevant soft and hard skills while focusing on work history. It lists the work history in reverse-chronological order, starting with their most recent aesthetician job at the top.
  • Functional – This CV format is excellent for aestheticians with limited experience, as it focuses on skills instead of work experience.
  • Combination/Hybrid – This CV format combines the reverse-chronological and functional CV formats, placing an equal focus on work experience and skills.

There is a particular CV structure that best showcases an esthetician’s competencies. Regardless of the CV format you choose, you should include these sections:

Contact information

Your CV header section should include information about yourself and be visually appealing. It should include:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Professional portfolio links, such as LinkedIn

Professional summary or career objective

The professional summary or career objective is the first section that hiring managers see when reviewing a CV for a licenced aesthetician. Both should be structured as a two- to three-sentence summary, from 30-60 words, located at the top of your CV. They should be a brief overview and highlight of your skills and work experience that grabs the attention of your reader.

If you have ample experience, write a professional summary. If you are an entry-level applicant, consider creating a career objective rather than a professional summary. A career objective should be structured as described above, but also includes your goals and what you’re wanting to accomplish with your CV.

Whichever you choose, it should be an attention-grabbing overview of your best skills and competencies. The rest of an aesthetician’s CV serves to confirm the professional summary section. The professional summary section should be a few sentences that highlight your:

  • Years of experience as an aesthetician.
  • Expertise in relevant skin care treatments, skincare plans, product knowledge and industry trends, like microdermabrasion and waxing, or any other experience tailored to the esthetics position for which you’re applying.
  • Relevant technical and soft skills that apply to the position for which you’re applying.


Your aesthetician’s CVs skills section should highlight your relevant soft and hard skills, including:

Hard skills

  • Laser hair removal and body waxing
  • Skincare expertise
  • Skin cleanses / exfoliation
  • Facials
  • Chemical peels

Soft skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • People-oriented skills
  • Collaboration
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity

Work history

Aestheticians should highlight their most significant skincare achievements in their prior aesthetician jobs. For each previous job, provide details on successful skincare treatment plans you’ve carried out, and use hard numbers to highlight your achievements (e.g., “Managed 10 patients a day at skincare clinic”). Also highlight the impact you’ve made on overall revenue, such as through upselling skincare products.


Your aesthetician CVs education section is very important. Many but not all applicants should have completed secondary school, completed some GCSEs and get a NVQ in facial and skincare via vocational study. Other information on your CV should include:

  • Your state-issued aesthetician licence information
  • Information on which vocational school you’ve attended
  • Information on any relevant aesthetician certifications, training, and apprenticeships

Do's and don'ts for an aesthetician CV

Below is a list of some do’s and don’ts when it comes to crafting the perfect aesthetician CV:


  • Use an applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly aesthetician CV template. ATS is used by hiring managers and recruiters to filter out CVs that best fit the job description, and an easily scannable layout helps ATS.
  • Proofread your aesthetician CV for any typos or misspellings. Your CV should be in a format that’s easy to view on all devices such as desktops, mobile and tablets.
  • Make your aesthetician job titles and company names stand out by using larger font sizes or bold or italic fonts.


  • Don’t use flashy CV designs or flashy fonts when crafting your CV. Use Arial, Times New Roman, or a similar professional font.
  • Don’t list information such as hobbies or unrelated work experiences or skills. Keep your CV focused only on information related to aesthetician work.
  • Don’t send your aesthetician CV in the wrong format. Different employers will have different requirements. So, make sure to follow the specified file type mentioned in the job post.

FAQ: Esthetician CV examples

Q: Do I need to include a cover letter for an aesthetician application?

Yes! Your aesthetician CV only goes so far. Your aesthetician cover letter gives you the perfect chance to give hiring managers more detailed information about why you’re the ideal aesthetician for the job. Here are some great examples of cover letters you can use for reference when writing your aesthetician cover letter.

Q: How can I write an aesthetician CV without a lot of experience?

If you’re starting out as an aesthetician or applying for an entry-level position, you should use a functional CV format. Then, dig into your esthetician’s formal education, training, and apprenticeships for examples. These examples should show your successful skincare treatments or relevant skincare experience.

Q: How do I change my aesthetician CV to apply to different jobs?

Review the aesthetician job description. You should especially note the technical skills the recruiter is seeking. Then, tailor your aesthetician CV to show those skills in your summary, skills and work history section. Use specific examples of how these skills contributed to positive outcomes.

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