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Accounts payable is a unique department within a company. How can you write a CV that helps you join this profession?



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  1. Accounts payable CVs
  2. Jobs that use accounts payable CVs
  3. Important elements for accounts payable CVs
  4. Tips for creating your accounts payable CV
  5. FAQ: Accounts payable CV example

Accounts payable CVs

When a company balances a bank account at the end of the month, they need someone who can understand what money is going in and out, keep a general ledger and understand financial reports. If you manage a company’s expense reports, chances are that you’re working in accounts payable or accounts receivable. Here’s what you need to know about creating the right CV to get you an accounts payable position.

Jobs that use accounts payable CVs

There are many accounts payable positions, each with its own job requirements and associated skill sets. If your job search includes a job from this title list, you should benefit from an accounts payable CV.

  • Accounts payable specialist
  • Payable clerk
  • Expenditures specialist
  • Employee expense tracker
  • Accounts receivable specialist

Although each job title will have differences, you’ll still benefit from the CV tips below for all CVs in this industry.

Important elements for accounts payable CVs

Most hiring managers look for very specific elements as they scan your CV. By structuring your CV as explained in the following sections, you can craft the perfect CV.

Professional objective or summary

Your career objective or professional summary is a 2-3 sentence paragraph at the top of your CV that encapsulates your career. The professional summary allows the hiring manager to quickly see your key skills, years of experience and education. A career objective indicates your career goals, while a professional summary outlines your top strengths and accomplishments.


Your skills section will largely include hard skills (knowledge and skills you’ve trained up on), but recruiters are also looking for soft skills (such as collaboration or attention to detail) on an accounts payable CV. Here are a few skills to consider adding to your CV:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Microsoft Office Excel, QuickBooks, SAP
  • Processing invoices
  • Teamwork
  • Multitasking
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Creating purchase orders
  • Creating financial reports
  • Credit memos

When you’re trying to decide the most important skills for your job search, look carefully at the job description. The best V will address specific keywords that recruiters included in the job posting.

Work experience

Your professional experience will play a crucial role in telling a hiring manager whether you’re qualified to manage their accounts. If you have minimal experience, you can apply to entry-level accounts payable positions requiring less experience. However, in this CV section, list as much work history as possible, including internship and volunteer work experience.


Your education section should highlight your top education credential (e.g., college degree). Even if you only have certification training and no college experience, the former is beneficial to add to your CV.


There are many different certifications that you should add to an accounts payable CV if you have them:

  • ICAS Chartered Accountant
  • Associate Chartered Certified Accountant
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Tips for creating your accounts payable CV

Here are a few more CV tips:

  • When you’re working in accounts payable, everything is measured in numbers, so showing success in numbers is recommended.
  • Showcase unique ways you’ve balanced cheque books. Did you once use journal entries to confirm certain payments? This demonstrates your problem-solving skills.

FAQ: Accounts payable CV example

Q: Do I need to submit a cover letter with accounts payable CVs?

It’s always a good idea to submit your application with a CV and a cover letter. If you’re unsure about writing a cover letter effectively, use the cover letter builder on the CVHelp website. With this tool, we’ll provide you with step-by-step advice to best showcase your skills on your cover letter.

Q: Can I get an accounts payable job with no experience?

Yes, it is possible to get an accounts payable job without experience in that particular field. On your CV, focus on other areas like internship experience, transferable experience from other jobs, volunteer experience and academic experience.

Q: Is it a good idea to change my accounts payable CV for every job posting?

Yes, it’s best to adapt your CV to each job posting by paying attention to CV keywords. Hiring managers focus on keywords in the job description (e.g., “managing vendor data” or “good written and oral communication”) that they want to see reflected in the CVs they receive. Address these keywords in your CV, and you’ll have a better chance of passing a scan by applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to review CVs, based on keywords.

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