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  1. Software engineer cover letter example
  2. Software engineer cover letter sample
  3. Best software engineer cover letter example
  4. How to write your software engineer cover letter based on this example
  5. FAQ: Software engineer cover letters

Software engineer cover letter example

Software Engineer Cover Letter Example
Software Engineer Cover Letter Example
Software Engineer Cover Letter Example
Software Engineer Cover Letter Example

Software engineer cover letter sample

Software development is one of those industries which is both in high demand and incredibly competitive. A great cover letter can make all the difference. A cover letter is your opportunity to address key points in your CV, provide context, and make a strong case that you are the best person for the job.

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Best software engineer cover letter example

To write a great cover letter, start by considering the job posting and your CV. Your letter should provide relevant information about your experience and qualifications without simply repeating information from your CV. This can be tricky if you have limited experience. Here is a great example of a software engineer cover letter for you to consider:
Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],
With six years of experience as a full-stack developer and a total of 15 years in various roles as a software engineer, I am confident that I will be a great fit for the role of [job title] at [company name]. My years of experience have instilled the technical and soft skills required to lead teams in the undertaking of complex projects as well as completing individual tasks to a high standard.
At [current employer], I have been instrumental in the completion and long-term management of four high-traffic websites, two of which are e-commerce websites. These websites have a combined user base of over eight million. In the management of these sites, I have created innovative features and systems using Laravel framework, HTML5, JavaScript, and Python. My innovations have improved the response time of the largest website by 10%.
I would relish the chance to learn more about [potential employer name] and the unique needs of this position in order to show how I can be of value to your team and improve functionality and revenue generation. Thank you for considering my application for this role. I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
[Job Seeker’s Full Name]

How to write your software engineer cover letter based on this example

Even if you don’t have the same If you have more or less work experience than is cited in this software engineer cover letter sample, then you can still make use of its main features. There are three focal points that you should keep in mind to write your perfect cover letter: the introduction, the provision of achievements, and the final call to action. If you include these features with your own personal twist, then you will certainly catch a hiring manager’s attention and increase your chances of a successful job search.
Introduction and your best achievements
This example has a short but effective introduction that qualifies the job seeker’s years of experience and the name of the company and new job title that they are applying to. There is also a brief statement of the seeker’s confidence in their suitability for the role. This may seem simple, but it’s a good way to catch a hiring manager’s attention, encourage them to read on and find out more about the seeker’s qualifications. Note that the example also uses the hiring manager’s name rather than a generic salutation like “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern”. A professional cover letter should address recruiters by name when possible.
Key achievements
In the second paragraph, this example lists some of the most relevant achievements that the job seeker has to their name. Consider the job description when looking at your own achievements and try to choose ones that will best suit the new job you intend to get. If you want to be a senior software engineer or take on a senior role, then you should list two or three achievements. If you are going for a management job rather than an entry-level role, then you should also highlight your project management capabilities. Highlight the programming languages (e.g., Java) used in these projects and achievements, too, in case the company has preferences. Be sure to discuss academic projects and achievements if you don’t have work experience to rely upon.
Call to action

The call to action provided in this example is robust yet professional; the job seeker reiterates their interest and states how they feel they can benefit the company and fit into the company culture. This cover letter example ends with a firm but polite “I hope to hear from you soon”; you can also opt for a more robust statement like “I look forward to hearing from you.” So to sum up:

  • Prioritise professional experiences
  • Focus on technical skills as well as your communication skills and management capabilities

Cover letter builders such as the one offered by CVHelp can simplify matters further by providing quality cover letter templates. You can also use CVHelp’s cover letter samples for inspiration when writing your software developer cover letter.

FAQ: Software engineer cover letters

Q: Do software engineers really need a cover letter?

Yes. You definitely need to submit a cover letter with your software engineer CV. This is a very technical, results-based field, and hiring managers will expect you to show attention to detail. Likewise, a cover letter will give you a unique opportunity to supplement your CV and add extra information.

Q: How is a software engineer cover letter different from other cover letters?

There is no real difference between the format of a software engineer cover letter and any other. Any cover letter template will be fine; the difference will be in the information you will give. 

Q: Does this software engineer cover letter example work for other jobs?

Yes. This cover letter example can work for other jobs to a certain extent. We also have other cover letter examples for a variety of jobs, however, so look for an example that suits your needs best and analyze it to see how it can benefit you.


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