Professional Realtor Cover Letter Sample (+ Writing Tips)

Use this realtor cover letter example to write a cover letter to showcase your skills and expertise as a real estate professional.



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  1. Realtor cover letter example
  2. Realtor cover letter sample
  3. Real estate agent cover letter sample
  4. Realtor cover letter writing tips
  5. FAQ: Realtor cover letter

Realtor cover letter example

Realtor Cover Letter Example

Realtor cover letter sample

Realtors are the connection between the daunting real estate market and potential buyers looking to fulfill their homeownership dream or expand their property portfolio. Their sales skills, industry knowledge and human connection make dreams come true.

A professional cover letter will help real estate professionals complement their CVs and expand on their skills and passion for their job.

Real estate agent cover letter sample

Dear Ms. Byrd,

I’ve been following Dream Home Realty for the past decade. Its stellar reputation, known customer satisfaction and how you’ve managed to keep a finger on the pulse of this industry is admirable. When property manager Angie Costas suggested I apply to the recently open real estate agent position, I jumped at the opportunity.

I officially became a licensed real estate professional three years ago. In that time, I’ve closed an average of 20 houses per year. Previous to becoming a full-time realtor, I was a leasing consultant at Shaw Properties, where I managed two commercial properties in the downtown area, filling all the vacancies in 18 months. I’ve also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.

I’d love to discuss what market strategies could work for a company like Dream Home Realty and how I could bring more potential homebuyers to the company with my negotiation skills and experience. I’m at your service.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jose González

Realtor cover letter writing tips

With these tips, you can write an outstanding cover letter that will help get your foot in the door. Remember that the cover letter format is a business letter format but you can get creative with the content.


A cover letter is a business letter. You can use the same header from your CV or a smaller version. This should only include your name, phone number and email. If you do not wish to include the same header, use a traditional business letter format, as shown in the example below.

Phone Number

Date of the letter


Personalizing a cover letter to include the recruiter or hiring manager’s name and preferred pronouns can make a difference. It shows attention to detail and that you’ve done your due diligence in researching the company. In case there is no specific hiring
manager, make the letter out to the department you’re applying to.

For example:

Dear Mr. Smith,
Dear Ms. Gonzalez,
Dear Dr. Olabanji,
Dream Home Real Estate Agency,

Always avoid using Mrs. unless you’re certain the person uses it.

First paragraph: The Hook

Start with a punch. Introduce yourself and why you want to apply for a position at this particular company. Are you impressed by their residential properties or commercial property portfolio? Are you intrigued by their outstanding sales record? Did you have a personal experience and are still impressed by their customer service? Make a human connection. If you were referred by an employee, mention their name and position in this paragraph.

Body paragraph: Why you’re the best candidate

If the first paragraph is what you love about the company, the second paragraph is what you can bring to the table. Remember that this is a complement, not a copy, of your CV. Expand on a particularly difficult sale, how you manage an increase in real estate sales, or how your problem-solving skills always satisfy the clients’ needs.

Speak about the satisfaction of your client base and how your communication skills have earned you their recommendation. You can also mention how you see missed marketing opportunities or a need for expansion.

Third paragraph: The Call to Action

In this paragraph, you’ll reiterate your interest in the position and let the recruiter or hiring manager know you want to hear from them at their earliest convenience. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and consideration.


Keep it simple and close your letter with:

Best regards,

One-page cover letter

A cover letter and a professional CV are your foot in the door to getting an interview. This is a glimpse of what you offer and the qualifications to back it up. Give the employer enough to make them interested in you and want to learn more.

FAQ: Realtor cover letter

Q: What is the purpose of a cover letter in a job application?

The purpose of a cover letter is to complement your CV and give a human touch to the job search process. A CV can capture skills and work history but not the human interest in a job. With a cover letter, recruiters and hiring managers can learn about a candidate’s enthusiasm for a company. An eager learner could be a better fit than a candidate with all the skills.

Q: How do you write a cover letter for a realtor with no experience?

No experience in the real estate industry does not mean any experience at all. Take into consideration your previous jobs, volunteer opportunities and education. Expand on skills you’ve learned in those unrelated fields, like customer service skills from a retail job, formal education in marketing or your volunteer work with an affordable housing agency. Your eagerness and grit to learn will make you a desirable candidate for the right company. Look at our realtor CV sample and think of the skills you already have as a real estate agent that you can use.

Q: Can I use a cover letter builder?

Yes, a cover letter builder, like a CV builder, is simply a tool that helps you craft a cover letter. The information, honest and accurate, will still come from you. The cover letter builder makes it easier and cuts down on time. Check out these cover letter templates to get an idea of how it works.


Move your cover letter to the YES pile!

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