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This cover letter example and the tips that follow will help you perfect your job application and land a police officer job for you this year!



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  1. Police officer cover letter example
  2. Great police officer cover letter example
  3. ips for writing your police officer cover letter using this example
  4. FAQ: Police officer cover letter example

Police officer cover letter example

Cover letters are short letters that explain to a potential employer why you would be a good fit for the job you’re applying to. Cover letters are submitted with your CV and any other documents that are required for the application.

A police officer cover letter is beneficial because it will allow the law enforcement hiring manager to get a better idea of who you are as an applicant. Your police officer CV explains your professional experience, but a cover letter gives more details about why your professional skills align with the job description.

Fortunately, there are many CV templates and cover letter templates available to help you write your application. In this article, you will see an example of a great cover letter for a police officer position.

Great police officer cover letter example

Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager],
As a passionate graduate of the Newington Police Academy, I was excited to see the listing for the position of a police officer at [City Name]. I have over two years of experience training with veteran officers and learning from retired state troopers the values of upholding the law. I am dedicated to lowering the city’s crime rate. I am certain I would be the right fit for your city’s police force. 
Through my experience in police work, I have learned to handle situations such as de-escalating civilian disputes, issuing tickets, and managing the city’s criminal activity. In my training at [City Name], I have gained the trust of my fellow law enforcement officers and the civilians I am protecting through constant community conversations and making an effort to be in attendance at community events, such as town fairs or fundraisers. I also proposed budget changes for the local police department that resulted in saving $2,000 annually for the department. 
Due to my years of experience in similar law enforcement roles with positive ratings from those working with me, I believe I would be a great fit for the police officer position, and would do my utmost to contribute to the department and town. Thank you for your attention, and I will follow up with you next week regarding the position.
Jane Doe

ips for writing your police officer cover letter using this example

Here’s our breakdown of the above example, and the process you should follow to create an effective cover letter that will land you a job with law enforcement.

First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.

The first paragraph of your cover letter will be the hiring manager’s first impression of you. You want to appear passionate about the position and list some specific achievements that are related to the job description. In this cover letter example, the applicant describes she was a recent graduate and had multiple experiences training with high-level officers.

Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.

The second paragraph is the main paragraph of your cover letter. Here is where you will list specific skills and achievements that are in line with the job you want. You can share specific achievements using numbers, such as budgeting and saving the department £2,000 annually, as the applicant in this cover letter sample describes. 

You can also share other experiences you have that are similar to what is being requested by the job. For example, if you’ve had experience working crime scenes, you can explain how that will prepare you for possible scenarios in the new position.

A good practice is also including keywords from the job description in case the potential employer is using an applicant tracking system (ATS). Employers use ATS to scan cover letters and filter applicants based on keywords that match the job description. For example, if the job description says that candidates with experience with domestic disputes will have priority, it’s a good idea to mention any experiences you have in this area in your letter.

Remember to include the most important and relevant information to the job here. You want to show hiring managers you’re the right fit!

FAQ: Police officer cover letter example

Q: Do I really need a cover letter to get a police officer job?

Yes! You will definitely need a cover letter to get a police officer job. A cover letter will connect the dots between your CV and how your experiences relate to this new job description. A cover letter will allow a hiring manager to see more of your skills and personality, and how those skills will benefit you in this position. It sets you aside as a serious candidate if your skills are aligned! Someone can have a stellar CV with pages of experience, but their skills may not match the job description. A cover letter can be treated like a brief elevator pitch to let the hiring manager know you are worthy of an interview.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes, this cover letter example will work no matter your experience level. If this is an entry-level position, it won’t be expected that you have years of experience. In this case, connect your schooling and training experiences, and even volunteer experiences, to the job description.


For instance, you may not have handled a domestic dispute on the job, but maybe you received training in school to de-escalate this type of situation. Furthermore, perhaps you volunteered for a junior police force in college. Taking classes in law or criminal justice is also relevant to the job. Include anything that is relevant to the job!


Q: What is a good way to start a police officer cover letter?

To start a police officer cover letter, you want to refer to the example above. The first paragraph should introduce yourself and briefly explain why you’re applying for this position and a major skill or accomplishment you have that relates to the position.


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