The Best Physician Assistant Cover Letter Examples

A physician assistant needs to be able to show off doctor-level skills. How can you show off your physician skills and get a great job with your cover letter?



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  1. Best physician assistant cover letter sample
  2. Physician assistant cover letter example
  3. Tips for writing your physician assistant cover letter using this example
  4. FAQ: Physician assistant cover letter example

Best physician assistant cover letter sample

A physician assistant is a healthcare provider that works directly underneath a doctor. They can provide healthcare, including diagnosing illnesses, creating treatment plans, and prescribing medication. This means that physician assistants can be primary care providers for many individuals, making them an incredibly important part of the healthcare system. If you’re applying as a physician assistant, here’s how to make your cover letter pop.

Physician assistant cover letter example

What is a great physician assistant cover letter going to look like? Here’s a physician assistant cover letter sample that can help you create your cover letter.

Dear Mr. Smith,
I first became interested in patient care when I suddenly became very ill in 2011. An emergency medicine professional stepped in to run diagnostic tests and eventually realized that I had a tumor, saving my life. During the outpatient procedures of removing it, I decided that I wanted to provide the same level of care for other people, which is why I went to school to become a physician assistant. Now, as a new graduate, I am very pleased to be applying for the physician assistant position at [Hospital Name].
As a practicing PA, I know that a dedication to patient care is crucial, and I use my natural attention to detail to ensure that nothing is missed when I see new patients. Additionally, I pride myself on teamwork, as I have found that multiple medical professionals diagnosing and treating patients tends to lead to better results.
I would relish the chance to help more people through the PA job at your organisation. Let me know when we can sit down together and talk about the medical care expertise I could bring to your facility.
Robert Garcia
Although this is a fairly short cover letter overall, it’s still a great starting point to help you showcase why you’re the perfect candidate.

Tips for writing your physician assistant cover letter using this example

You first need to consider your salutation. It should include your contact information, including your phone number, and social media links, including your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, address the letter directly to the hiring manager, rather than using generic introductory phrases like “To Whom It May Concern.” From there, you’re ready to talk about what you can bring to the job.

First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.

In the first paragraph, you need to have a hook to pull the recruiter in. This applicant does this by discussing an experience where a medical professional saved his life, which is the reason why he became a physician assistant. He also mentions the job he’s applying for at the end of this paragraph.

Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.

The second paragraph is where you talk about why your job application stands out from other candidates. This will often cover specific skills you have that you excel at. This applicant mentions his dedication to patient care and his ability to work well with a team. These are both skills that the job description may have talked about and that you may see in physician assistant CV examples. If you have years of experience and want to mention different awards and experiences, you can list them as bullet points.

Third paragraph: Call to action

In the final paragraph, conclude with a call for action: in this case, a request for a job interview. You can then follow it with a professional sign-off like “Sincerely.”

FAQ: Physician assistant cover letter example

Q: Do I need a cover letter to get a physician assistant job?

Yes. A cover letter should always be at the top of your list regarding things to submit in an application. Not only does your cover letter showcase your medical record, but it also allows you to talk a little bit more about specific work experience that relates to the job you want, and gives employers more context about your background and personal traits.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a physician assistant job?

Cover letters should typically be 250-350 words or half a page to 3/4 of a page long. This specific length is suggested because it gives you enough time to talk about your work experience without being so long that a hiring manager might dismiss your cover letter template outright. If you’re using a cover letter builder that changes the way the letter looks, check the word count more than the length of the piece.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes. Physician assistants by nature need to have experience, but relevant experience can cover a lot of different situations. Mention all experience that you’ve had in relation to being a physician assistant. That means experience in other areas of medicine, experience from medical school, and volunteer medical experience. Lean on those experiences if you’re a new graduate without a lot of professional experience.


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