Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Example

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  1. A fantastic pharmacy technician cover letter sample
  2. Pharmacy technician cover letter example
  3. Tips for writing your pharmacy assistant cover letter using this example
  4. FAQ: Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Example

A fantastic pharmacy technician cover letter sample

Pharmacy technicians support pharmacological services by preparing and filling prescriptions, communicating with patients and maintaining a sterile and safe environment expected of healthcare professionals. 

In a professional position requiring certifications and medical expertise, your pharmacy technician cover letter should demonstrate you know how to serve patients while also having the organizational and customer service skills to ensure the smooth running of the pharmacy. 

This guide will show you: 

  • Why the perfect cover letter is essential to the pharmacy technician/pharmacy assistant application process
  • An effective pharmacy technician cover letter sample
  • Tips on how to write a great cover letter to accompany your pharmacy technician CV

Pharmacy technician cover letter example

Writing a cover letter from scratch can be intimidating as many candidates do not know where to start. Here is a sample cover letter for a pharmacy technician position for inspiration before you start building your cover letter:

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am eager to apply for the role of Pharmacy Technician at [pharmacy name]. I have 10 years of experience as a certified pharmacy technician, developing advanced data management techniques that reduced prescription errors by 10%. Furthermore, I have been commended for my meticulous attention to detail and approachable demeanor.
In my previous position at CVS, I assisted the in-house pharmacist with filling and distributing prescriptions. As part of my training program, I developed the expertise necessary to help patients acquire the prescriptions they need. But working at CVS helped me develop the additional skills required to provide excellent service. I developed my interpersonal skills to help explain medications to patients, organizational skills to keep a precise inventory, and time management skills when dealing with busy periods. When customers visit the pharmacy, they want the experience to be efficient and painless. This drove everything the pharmacy team did to meet customer expectations. I look forward to bringing my experience and skills to your pharmacy. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I have attached my CV for further details of my work history and qualifications.
I look forward to discussing the opportunity further with you.
Your name

Tips for writing your pharmacy assistant cover letter using this example

Here are five tips to consider when writing your professional cover letter:

1. Ensure your contact information is visible.

You should make it as easy as possible for the recruiter or hiring manager to contact you. Therefore, include all your contact information in the header where it is prominently visible and easily accessible. Include your full name, address, phone number, professional email and any relevant links to job networking profiles like LinkedIn.

2. Always customize your cover letter.

You must customize your job application for your potential employer. This means tailoring your cover letter to address details in the job description or job posting. You should use keywords from the job description and reference those skills mentioned in your cover letter to show that you are qualified for the pharmacy technician job. Recruiters want to see that you are right for the role and that you have taken the effort to read and understand the duties involved.

3. Start with a strong introduction.

In your first paragraph, you should quickly frame yourself as a viable candidate by referring to some of your career highlights and strengths. It’s a good idea to refer to experience, specialist expertise or your pharmacy technician certification straight away to establish credibility. This will hook the reader and provide a base upon which to build the rest of the cover letter.

4. Build on your intro to show why you’re a great fit.

After hooking the reader, you should explore why you are a great fit for the company. Share the skills you have that will enable you to perform the role’s responsibilities. Refer to any relevant work experience, whether at a drugstore, a hospital pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. This section is about connecting your skillset and experience with what the role needs. Help the hiring manager see how you’ll fit right in.

5. Sign off with a call to action.

Finish in the final paragraph with a call to action. First, thank the recruiter for their time and point them toward your attached professional CV. Then, encourage action by saying you look forward to discussing the open position further. You can also mention a phone call or interview to encourage the next step.

FAQ: Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Example

Q: Do I need to write a cover letter?

Yes, you need to write a cover letter. It is an essential component of any job application. It allows you to build on the details of your CV by sharing a more personal touch. Use a cover letter wisely to set yourself apart. Use our CV writing tips and CV examples to create a CV, and back it up with the perfect cover letter with help from our cover letter builder. Take these steps to give yourself the best chance of landing that new job.

Q: How long should my cover letter be?

Your cover letter should be around three-quarters of a page long. This is enough to share some details with the hiring manager without overloading them with too much information. Remember, the job application is just a prelude to an interview. If they want to know more about you, they can ask you during the interview.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

The cover letter format outlined here still works if you don’t have much experience. As a pharmacy technician, you will have to establish that you are qualified. You’ll just have to substitute references to work experience with examples of important hard and soft skills, or volunteer or extracurricular activities.


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