A Fantastic Personal Assistant Cover Letter Example

Showcasing all your talents as a personal assistant can be a challenge. Use our personal assistant cover letter example for inspiration to craft yours.



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  2. Personal assistant cover letter example
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  4. FAQ: Personal assistant cover letter examples

Personal assistant cover letter

A personal assistant provides an essential service to senior-level staff members. They complete administrative and clerical tasks, helping their employer by answering emails and phone calls, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements.
This multitasking position requires a broad skillset. Any professional cover letter should demonstrate to the recruiter that you can perform the role’s duties.

This guide will show you:

  • Why the cover letter is essential to the personal assistant job application process
  • An effective personal assistant cover letter sample for you to use
  • Writing tips on how to craft the perfect cover letter to accompany your personal assistant CV

Personal assistant cover letter example

Starting from scratch with your cover letter can be intimidating. That’s why we share cover letter templates and samples for inspiration at CVHelp, along with our cover letter builder that offers cover letter writing tips.
Here’s our assistant cover letter template:
[Today’s Date]
[XYZ Company Address]
[Phone Number]
Dear [Hiring Manager’s name] (e.g., Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith),
I am writing to apply for the open personal assistant position at [company name]. With over # years of experience as an executive assistant, I have the skills, expertise and industry know-how to fit seamlessly into your organization.
In my previous role at [company name], I strived for an error-free service, understanding the importance of a well-executed schedule. My responsibilities included note taking at meetings, managing correspondence, making arrangements for speaking engagements, booking travel and generally maintaining a clean and organized schedule. My previous employer commended me for my calming presence, stating they were always at ease knowing I was taking care of things with my organizational and time management skills. With my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I have the expertise to excel in all the role’s duties.
I now hope to bring this expertise to your organization. Please find attached my professional CV for a more in-depth account of my work history. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss the role further.
[Your name]

Cover letter tips using this example

Here are five tips to think about when writing your cover letter:
1. Include your contact information.
Always include your contact information in the header, where it is easily visible to the recruiter. Include your full name, address, email, phone number and any social networking profiles that you want to share (i.e., LinkedIn or Twitter). Your contact information makes it convenient for the hiring manager to contact you for the next stage.
2. Always customize your cover letter.
You should always tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for. Examine the job posting and job description for clues about what the recruiter is looking for. You can use this to make sure that you address these in your cover letter. Customizing your cover letter also shows you have made an effort. Recruiters can often tell when a cover letter is too generic; it comes across as a little dull and missing any mention of required experience or skills.
3. Start strong.
Make sure to express enthusiasm in your opening paragraph. The aim is to immediately frame yourself as a viable candidate in the hiring manager’s mind. Quickly demonstrate why you are perfect for the role by highlighting some of your main strengths. You may even want to make a statement like, “I would be an asset to your company” or “I would be a great addition to your team.”
4. Explain why you’re a great fit.
Build on your intro by establishing why you are suitable for the assistant job. You may expand on some elements of your CV by talking about your previous responsibilities and skills. For an assistant role, it’s helpful to include any feedback from previous employers to provide evidence of your excellent communication skills or other qualities. Again, use this section to use some keywords used in the employer’s job description (i.e., skills and major qualifications) to demonstrate your suitability.
5. Sign off with a call to action.
Finish your cover letter by thanking the reviewer for their time. You should point them to your attached CV. Then, you need to encourage the next step by inviting them to give you a call or arrange an interview. This shows that you are eager without pushing the hiring manager.

FAQ: Personal assistant cover letter examples

Q: Do I need to write a cover letter?

Yes, you should always write a cover letter because no job application is complete without one. The first step is to create your professional CV; use our CV builder and CV examples for guidance. Then, craft an accompanying cover letter to offer that personal touch and give the recruiter a better picture of you as an individual.

Q: How long should my cover letter be?

Job seekers should ensure their cover letters are less than one page; the best lengths are around 3/4 of a page. This gives you enough room to provide the recruiter with extra details without overloading them by sharing too much information.

Q: Can I still use this cover letter even if I don’t have much experience?

Yes, you can use this cover letter example even if you are an entry-level candidate or don’t feel like you have enough experience. All you need to do is substitute references to experience with your other strengths. For example, an executive assistant cover letter without any relevant experience will need to establish that you have the skill set necessary to perform effectively in the role along with some special business knowledge.


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