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Use CVHelp’s cover letter builder and this fantastic librarian cover letter example to help showcase your professional skills and expertise as a librarian.



How to write a librarian cover letter

A librarian is so much more than a lover of books. They oversee the library's daily operations, including managing databases, curating collections and providing educational programs. A librarian position requires interpersonal skills and organisational skills to ensure the smooth running of all library services.
The perfect cover letter will show the hiring manager that you are a responsible manager of library materials through your years of experience, qualifications and skillset.
This guide will show you: 
  • Why the cover letter is important to the librarian application process
  • An effective librarian cover letter example
  • Tips on how to write a great cover letter to accompany your librarian CV

Create Your Cover Letter

Librarian cover letter example

Starting your cover letter can be an intimidating task. If you’re unsure where to begin, then head to our cover letter builder for some professional tips. But first, here is an effective librarian cover letter sample:
[Today’s Date]
[XYZ Company Address]
[Phone Number]
Dear [Hiring Manager’s name] (e.g., Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith),
I am writing to apply for the open librarian position at [library name/school etc.]. I believe that my ten years of experience working in a public library specialising in collection development makes me an ideal candidate. I have a passion for creating a welcoming environment for the public to come and learn. I strongly believe in adopting information technology into our public libraries to meet the needs of patrons.
Having obtained my bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Sciences from [University name], I took a position at [name of library]. I worked within tight budgets to create an interactive schedule of activities for patrons that saw adult programming attendance increase by over 4%. Overall, during my time there, library visits increased by more than 7%. I support and appreciate that the library should be an equal-opportunities haven where everybody in the community is encouraged to come and learn with a personalised welcome.
I believe that with my many library skills and work experience, I would be a valuable addition to your library team. Please find attached my professional CV for a more in-depth account of my work experience and achievements. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss the role further.
Your name

Writing tips using this cover letter template

Here are five tips to bear in mind to write a great cover letter:
1. Make your contact information visible.
You need to make your contact information easily accessible to the recruiter. So, include your full name, address, email address, phone number and any job networking profiles like LinkedIn in your header where it will be visible. This makes it as convenient as possible for them to contact you for an interview.
2. Always tailor your cover letter.
Recruiters want to see that you have made an effort to read the job description. Read the job posting carefully for keywords and the specifics of the role, then use that wording to customise your cover letter. For example, in the librarian cover letter template above, the applicant mentions adopting information technology. Perhaps the job advertisement listed this as a desired skill. It’s your responsibility to look for these clues and use them to tailor your cover letter writing.
3. Start with your highlights.
Try to hook the reader in your opening paragraph with a strong statement showing why you are an ideal candidate. Do this by referring to specific experiences, your broad skill set or talking about your enthusiasm and passion for library sciences. Immediately frame yourself as capable of fulfilling the role’s responsibilities.
4. Build on why you are a great fit for this role in the main body.
Next, make your case even stronger by giving more details on why you are an excellent fit. Elaborate on your skills, experience or qualifications a little to share evidence of your performance. This is all about helping the hiring manager make the connection between your work history and the advertised role. Help them see why you’d be an asset to the library, and you’ll be sure to land that job interview.
5. Sign off with a call to action.
Your final paragraph should be as polite and professional as your opening. Thank the recruiter for their time, notify them about your attached CV and encourage them to take the next step with a phone call or interview.

FAQ: Librarian cover letters

Q: Do I really need to write a cover letter?

Yes, you do. A job application is not complete without a cover letter. You need the best CV combined with a well-crafted cover letter to impress a hiring manager enough for an interview and on your way to landing that new job. The CV is a summary of your career, while the cover letter allows you to add more detail and shape the recruiter’s idea of you as an individual. You can find CV examples and cover letter examples online at CVHelp.

Q: How long should my librarian cover letter be?

Your librarian cover letter should be less than one page. Aim for around 3/4 of a page. If you use our cover letter format, then you will be guided to include just the right amount of information to avoid overloading the hiring manager.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

You can use this cover letter example even if you don’t have much experience. If you’re an entry-level candidate, then focus on skills you already have that will help you in the role. Also, note that while librarian jobs differ, working in any library (or even different jobs) often gives you transferable skills. Working as a school librarian, for example, doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a role as an academic librarian. Just pay attention to the requirements during your job search.


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