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Flight attendants travel for work and provide high-quality customer service for flights. Here’s how to show off your skills in a cover letter and get a flight attendant job.



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  2. Great flight attendant cover letter example
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Flight attendant cover letter example

Cover letters are important to apply for a wide variety of jobs, including customer service-related jobs such as being a flight attendant. If you’re looking to get this type of job, here’s a flight attendant cover letter sample that you can use to build your own.


Great flight attendant cover letter example

When writing your flight attendant cover letter, having a flight attendant cover letter example can be incredibly helpful. Here’s a short sample that can help you write your own.
Dear Mr. Smith,
Flying has always been a deep interest of mine. I’ve served on many international flights over the years, and while I know every flight crew member is important, the flight attendant position has always held a specific interest to me. I recently gained cabin crew certification and am pleased to apply for the flight attendant position at [Company Name].
I pride myself on my interpersonal skills, particularly my communication skills, and I believe that providing excellent customer service is one of the skills that makes flight attendants so unique. Additionally, I’ve regularly been called on in past jobs to help with conflict resolution. I have calmed down arguments without injuring either side, which is important in a flight environment. Lastly, I’ve provided First Aid in emergency situations before, and am well-versed in being efficient and clear-headed under pressure.
I believe that my skills will be a great contribution to the crew, and I look forward to joining them. Please let me know when we can follow up together and talk more about what I can do for your organisation.
Marcus Donahue

Tips for writing your flight attendant cover letter using this example

At the very top of your cover letter, you need to have a great salutation. Address it with “Dear Mr.” or “Dear Ms.” and the hiring manager’s name. Avoid putting “To Whom It May Concern” in your letter. Additionally, you’ll want to feature your contact information, including your phone number and professional links like your LinkedIn profile. From there, you can move into more general cover letter writing.
First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.
You need a hook to pull the hiring manager in as you talk about your customer service skills. In this cover letter, the applicant talks about how he’s always been interested in flying, which indicates that he’s likely to be focused on working in an aviation position for years to come. Include the specific job in this paragraph so the hiring manager can see what you’re applying for.
Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.
Now that the hiring manager is reading the application, the second paragraph is where you talk more about why you’ll fit right into this new job. Go over some of the skills in your job application, as well as skills that you see in the job description. In this example, the applicant lists his interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills, and First Aid skills, as well as his ability to stay calm in an emergency.
Third paragraph: Call to action
The third paragraph is the call to action, and it’s where you get to ask directly for the interview. The applicant states, “Please let me know when we can follow up together,” which is a great jumping-off point for an interviewer to reach out for an interview.

FAQ: Flight attendant cover letter example

Q: Do I need a cover letter to get a flight attendant job?

A professional cover letter is always a good idea, no matter what jobs you’re applying for, including jobs that require customer service experience and knowledge. That means a flight attendant job needs a cover letter. When you write a cover letter, you’re able to showcase your flight attendant skills, talk directly to the recruiter about your skills overall, and ask for a job interview, all elements that can be a huge help in cutting your job search short.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a flight attendant job?

Cover letters should be, on average, between half a page and 3/4 of a page long. This length makes it possible for you to say as much as you need to without making your cover letter longer than one page. Going over one page in length is typically not advised, as it’s more likely to make a hiring manager’s eyes glaze over.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

If you don’t have experience as a flight attendant, you can still use this cover letter example. Just focus on your skills rather than experience. Additionally, if you have customer service experience or other customer-facing jobs in your background that feature the right skills, you can feature them here.


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