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Firefighters need a variety of skills and a desire to help the community. Here’s a firefighter cover letter example that showcases the necessary skills for your letter.



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  1. Firefighter cover letter example
  2. Firefighter cover letter sample
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  4. FAQ: Firefighter cover letter example
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Firefighter cover letter example

Firefighters need to have a significant amount of training and a genuine desire to help people. For firefighters, both emotional and physical strength are important If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter and want to show off your skills to a hiring manager, you need a firefighter cover letter that will showcase these skills. Use this cover letter sample to create the perfect cover letter for your application.


Firefighter cover letter sample

A good cover letter needs to emphasise your skills and hook the hiring manager into wanting to know more about you. Here’s an example that you can use to create your cover letter.
Dear Mr. Smith,
I first became aware of first responders as a 911 operator taking emergency calls. It was here that I gained great respect for firefighter skills, including everything from fighting fires to providing first aid and even teaching about fire safety. When I decided to move into a new career, firefighting seemed like a natural change. That’s why I’m pleased to apply for the firefighter position at Minneapolis Fire Station.
I have always been good at handling emergency situations, and I have years of experience with leadership skills and managing teamwork within a group. I know when to step up to the plate and when to work effectively as part of a team. As a new firefighter, I believe my interpersonal skills can help me understand people who need the emergency response of a firefighter.
My emotional and physical fitness make me the perfect person to step up into a firefighter job. I look forward to sitting down with you and talking about what I might be able to do for your fire department. Let me know when a good time would be to talk.
Mary Rogers
This is a fairly short cover letter, but it’s a great starting point to go alongside your firefighter CV.

Tips for writing your firefighter cover letter using this example

Any professional cover letter starts with a great cover letter header. Include your full name and contact information with your phone number, and social media links, including your LinkedIn. Address the letter directly to the recruiter. From there, you can write the rest of your cover letter.
First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.
In the first paragraph, you need to start with a hook. The hook in this sample explains that the applicant became interested in firefighting while working as a 911 operator. This shows a potential employer that the applicant operates well under stress and has certain skills that might help her in this new job. At the end of the paragraph, she also mentions the job she’s applying for.
Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.
In the second paragraph, provide more information about what makes you stand out from other people who might be interested in this position. The applicant lists her leadership skills, her teamwork skills, and her ability to handle emergencies. If you have other certifications, achievements, or general information, you can list them as bullet points underneath this second paragraph.
Third paragraph: Call to action
Finally, the applicant sums up her enthusiasm for the position and concludes with a call to action, requesting an interview.

FAQ: Firefighter cover letter example

Q: Do I need a cover letter to get a firefighter job?

Yes. You should always write a cover letter for any job application. A cover letter lets you provide extra information about your skills and experiences that you might not be able to discuss elsewhere. For extra help writing a cover letter, use the cover letter builder from CVHelp.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a firefighter job?

On average, you should aim for a cover letter to be between 250-350 words or half a page to 3/4 of a page. This cover letter length will give you enough time to discuss your skills and experience while still keeping everything to one page with a bit of white space. A letter shorter than half a page might not give you enough room to cover all your skills or may make you come off as underqualified. But a cover letter longer than 3/4 of a page might not hold a hiring manager’s attention.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes. While experience is always useful for this position, showcasing your skills and passions is just as important in a cover letter. If you don’t have experience as a firefighter, describe experiences that relate to firefighter work, such as nursing experience, volunteer firefighter experience, EMT experience, and even volunteer experiences.

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