The Best Call Centre Cover Letter Examples

Call centre workers need great customer service skills and the ability to talk on the phone all day. Use our examples and tips to build a great cover letter for this job.



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  1. Call center cover letter example
  2. Great call centre cover letter example
  3. Tips for writing your call centre cover letter using this example
  4. FAQ: Call centre over letters
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Call center cover letter example

Working at a call centre requires a strong skill set. Not only do you need communication skills, but you also need sales and managerial skills, as well as skills related to the specific job. If you’re looking to write a professional cover letter for working as a call centre manager or representative, here’s what you need to know.


Great call centre cover letter example

A call centre cover letter and a customer service cover letter have a lot in common. When you’re going to write your cover letter, here’s a call centre representative cover letter example you can start with.
Dear Mr. Smith,
One of the favorite parts of my job is knowing that I’ve made an impact on someone’s customer experience. If my years of experience have taught me anything regarding call centres, it’s that sometimes the only difference between a great customer experience and a poor one is that the person on the other end of the phone line cares about you having a better experience. My commitment to giving more people better experiences is why I’m applying for the call centre representative position at [Company Name].
On top of being committed to customer satisfaction, I also have very strong problem-solving skills, and at previous jobs, I was regularly able to manage problems without having to involve anyone else. Additionally, given my years of experience, I am proficient in many call centre software packages.
I believe that my skills will be a huge benefit to this company, and I would appreciate the chance to sit down and talk with you about what makes my skills so unique. I look forward to getting to speak with you.
Doris Hannon
This is a fairly short cover letter example, but it’s a great start for a call centre representative. Here’s how you can use this as a template to build your own.

Tips for writing your call centre cover letter using this example

The first step to writing a cover letter will always be the cover letter heading. This includes your full name and contact information with your phone number and professional links, like your LinkedIn profile. This is content a cover letter builder will help you create. Additionally, ensure the salutation is the hiring manager’s name. From there, you can move on to the actual content of the cover letter.
First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.
In the first paragraph, you need to give a good reason for the hiring manager to keep reading. Even the best cover letter tips won’t help you if the hiring manager doesn’t find your cover letter interesting and stops reading. Mention the job posting you’re applying for at the end of the first paragraph so that the hiring manager knows what position you want.
Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.
In the second paragraph, you discuss why you’re the perfect person for this job. Go over skills and work ethic that directly fits the job description. In this example, the applicant discusses her problem-solving skills, her ability to use call centre software, and her commitment to customer satisfaction, which she started discussing in the first paragraph.
Third paragraph: Call to action
The last paragraph is the call to action. In this example, the applicant states that she’s looking forward to sitting down with the hiring manager. This is also the place to reemphasise your enthusiasm for the opportunity and sum up your qualifications.

FAQ: Call centre over letters

Q: Do I need a cover letter to get a call centre job?

Yes. It’s always a good idea to have a cover letter, no matter what type of job you’re looking for. Even a customer service representative, typically considered a fairly entry-level job, wants to get the best job seekers. A cover letter helps you stand out from the crowd while trying to find a new job. Plus, because you get to ask for the job interview actively, it makes it more likely that you’ll get past this stage of the job-hunting process.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a call centre job?

You should keep cover letters between half a page and 3/4 of a page or about 250-350 words. The point of a cover letter is to be a fairly short document that outlines your professional CV and gives some insight into who you are as a person. Highlight your customer service skills quickly and concisely. Never make your cover letter template longer than one page.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

If you don’t have much experience as a call centre agent, you can still use this cover letter sample as a way to build your cover letter. Just have to focus on other elements that showcase your benefits to a hiring manager. This may include your skills, your certifications, and experiences that aren’t in the call centre field but are still relevant to the work you would do as a call centre employee.


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