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Career networking is the only way that you can effectively enhance your job-hunting efforts and reach out to the people who can help you to find a job in your field. Many job hunters avoid networking because they feel that their time is better spent sending out CV or scouting the Internet for new opportunities. Learn how to network like a pro, and you’ll find that more career opportunities will open for you as you build more connections.

1. Personal referrals are powerful first impressions

When it comes to finding out about an employment candidate, most hiring managers prefer referrals over cold leads. A cold lead is anyone who sends in a CV without someone to refer them. It is true that most people start out as cold leads, but that does not diminish the fact that the referrals that come as a result of career networking are going to have the inside track on getting the job.

2. You will find more opportunities through networking

One of the old adages that human resources managers talk about frequently is the fact that many of the best job opportunities are never advertised. If those opportunities are not advertised, then you may never find out about them. However, if you learn how to network effectively, then you can get the inside scoop on the job opportunities that never make it to the career websites or newspapers.

3. Your career network is useful after you have found the job

A good career network is filled with professionals who can offer their services to you after you have secured the job of your choice. When you need some kind of service or product, you can turn to the people who made it their personal quest to help you find your job. This kind of return to a career network only makes the network stronger and helps to boost your career.

4. An active career network can keep your career moving

There is a good chance that the job your career network just helped you land will not be the last job you ever have. As you expand your career and build your CV, your value to other potential employers will grow. Your active career network keeps track of your rising corporate profile and can present you with the next opportunity that can be a huge step up in your career. A career network is the kind of referral system that continues to pay dividends as long as you keep it active.

5. Career networks offer great references

One of the most difficult things that job hunters run up against when trying to make strong first impressions is putting together an impressive set of references that will help them to nail down the job. When you have a diverse career network filled with professionals, then you have a list of references that are bound to impress any hiring manager. A major part of keeping your career network active is always having an updated CV to hand off to network members who ask for it. Now that you know how to network, get out there and start building your professional connections. By developing a strong career network, you will be able to stay plugged into all of the best opportunities in your industry.

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