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Career networking is an essential part of any job search and it is something that you need to understand and master as quickly as possible. In order to help you to better understand career networking, we offer the answers to the five most commonly asked questions about career networking. Once you start networking and see how it can help you to secure your next job, you will want to keep network and build the biggest list of professional contacts possible.

1. Why should I network?

Sending CV in response to employment advertisements is only one aspect of a successful job hunt. Many of the best jobs never get advertised and the only way to find them is to get the inside track on the job listings. By networking with people in your industry, you will have people who are feeding you the information you need to find your next job, and you will also have people who are recommending you to companies that are hiring.

2. Is career networking difficult?

If you can talk to people, then you can network. Once your career network starts growing and you see the benefits it offers, then you will find it easier to talk to anyone about your career aspirations.

3. What are the benefits of my career network?

Aside from getting you the inside track on the best job openings in your industry, your career network can also act as your support system when you find the job that you want. If you need a product or service, you can simply use your network to get personal deals from network contacts. You can also use your network to do favours for other professional contacts and expand your influence.

4. How do I network?

The best way to get started networking is to have a professional looking business card printed up with your contact information and a short summary of your qualifications and take those cards wherever you go. Sometimes your networking will be unexpected, such as when you are out at dinner and run into someone who works in your industry. Other times, you can go to events such as job fairs and put yourself in a prime position to find others who can help you to expand your career.

5. Do I dismantle my network after I find a job?

One of the things that a new job allows you to do is add even more people to your growing and dynamic career network. Your goal is to advance your career as far as you can and to do that you will need to maintain your career network indefinitely. When you find your job, your career network can act as a resource to help you access the products and services you need to be successful. Your network will also grow and let you know when the next great career move presents itself. At CVHelp, you will find the advice and resources you need to start and grow a very effective career network. The information at CVHelp has been developed and compiled by experts and is available to you to be used to create a CV package that will impress any hiring manager in your industry and get you the job that you deserve.

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