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Technology rules the 21st century, but smart job hunters learn how to balance their use of technology to make it work in their favour. Networking in the 21st century would seem to be easier because of the Internet and social media, but savvy job seekers understand that there is always going to be a need for offline networking activities, especially in an era ruled by technology.

Many employers do not trust social media

If you want to see what employers think of social media, try to introduce yourself to a potential employer on social media and see what happens. More than likely, the most positive response you will get is a lack of desire to move forward until you do a personal interview. Many employers use social media to keep in touch with employment candidates they have already met, but it is rare that you will get a job offer from your activities on social media. You should use social media as your way of making initial contact with potential employers and even network contacts, but expect to get more results if you meet your contacts in person.

Smartphones Work Better Than Computers

When you establish a career network contact, it is important to get that person’s smartphone number and be prepared to do a lot of texting. There are new platforms being designed constantly that alter the way that people contact each other through smartphones, which has helped smartphones to eclipse computers as the most important piece of networking technology you will use.

Always be available

Social media and mobile computing communications happen in real-time and that has created a feeling that everything has to happen instantly to have value. If you want to network in the 21st century and get the most out of your career networking contacts, then be prepared to be available at a moment’s notice. When an important networking contact gets a hold of you and says they want to meet, they usually want to meet right now.

Start a blog

If there is one part of social media that 21st-century career networkers use it is the blog. As a 21st-century job hunter, you need to start a blog and add something new to it every day. It is important to have some personality in your blog posts, but you should also keep them as professional as possible. You can significantly enhance your career network with a good blog.

Get out and mingle

One thing that technology has not changed about career networking is that effective job seekers still get out and mingle to expand their networks. If you plan on doing all of your career networking online, then you are only doing a very small part of what you could be doing to help get the job you want. CVHelp is the place where 21st-century job seekers can go to get the very best advice and information on job hunting in this era of technology. CVHelp has the CV templates and samples you need to create professional and effective document packages, and you will also find all of the professional job-hunting advice you will need to compete in this dynamic marketplace.

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