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While most potential employers are legitimate and honest, a few of them simply aren’t. No matter how aboveboard and stable an employer may be, not every open position will represent a perfect match for your needs or your personality. So how can you tell the difference between the promising matches and the scams? Here are a few red flags that can suggest a job post isn’t worth looking into.

Spelling and grammar problems

Legitimate employers don’t usually load their posts with misspelled words and multiple exclamation points. Don’t send your personal information to any solicitor who can’t afford basic editing services, especially if the post appears in your email (or spam folder) unrequested.

Signs of hostility

Too often, job posts are written with unwarranted negative emotion. Signs of anger, resentment, or open hostility really only say one thing: keep walking. Examples include lists of the candidates who need not apply, automatic dismissals of those who are currently unemployed, racism, sexism, ominous threats for those who don’t FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, and excessive use of ALL CAPS. These kinds of job posts are more common than you might think, and they aren’t for you. Insist on professionalism.

Extreme vagueness

The post is an entire page long, but by the time you get to the end, you’re still not exactly sure what you’re reading, or what you’re being asked to do. Some companies keep specific information out of their posts (including the actual name of the company this is not unusual if the post has been offered by an independent recruiter), but if you’ve read every word and you still aren’t sure what the position requires, what credentials are requested, or even which industry this job falls into, keep looking. This is the company’s problem, not yours. With these warnings in mind, you can use our CV maker to help draft a great document to send in to reputable employers.

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