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It is rare to find someone who is completely happy with their salary, but there are plenty of people who understand compromise and can live with what they make. If you feel that you are underpaid, then you have career tools that you can explore. A salary calculator can help you to improve your salary or wages in several ways and get you an income that you can be happy with.

Determine if you truly are underpaid

Before you go storming into your boss’ office demanding a raise, you should first check with a salary calculator to make sure that you deserve a raise. Good salary calculators take into account your education, experience and location. The salary you make in one part of the country is not the same as the salary you would make in another part. The cost of living in an area has a huge effect on salaries. A good salary calculator will give you a range of salaries for your situation and let you know what other people in your profession and geographic area are making. Keep in mind that determining if you are underpaid is only the first step in asking for a raise. You still have to justify the added expense to your boss, and a salary calculator will help you do that.

Establish the criteria for your raise request

As was mentioned, a salary calculator will give you a range of salaries that apply to your situation and that can help you to put together an effective raise request. If you are on the very low end of the range, then you have a strong argument for a raise. If you are in the middle or on the high side of the range, then you may want to reconsider your raise request. If the company has not already offered you higher compensation, then the company may already know where your salary sits in the range and be unwilling to offer you more.

It may be time to move on

You have calculated where your salary should be and your company refuses to give you a raise. The salary calculator has already shown you how much more money you can make, so now it is up to you to go out and get that money. In job hunting, you should keep your salary calculator results with you and use them to determine which company you want to work for. Do not be afraid to make counter offers and stick by your salary needs.

A salary calculator can help you avoid undervaluing your services

Getting a job offer can be a relief, but if you are not being offered a competitive salary then your search may not be over. As you are job hunting, always refer to a salary calculator to make sure that you are not going to accept an offer that is well under your salary range. If you devalue your services with an employer when you take the job, then you will continue to make less money than you should for as long as you work there. A salary calculator is one of many career tools that can help you earn what you deserve for your position. It can also help you determine whether you need to make a career change, and negotiate a higher salary or wages. Try out this helpful resource to evaluate where you stand amid others in your industry.

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