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There is a right way to stand out in your job interview and there is a wrong way to stand out. While most job hunters would like to stand out the right way, too many of them do things that make them stand out the wrong way. Make every effort to stand out in a positive way and associate your name with a very positive professional image. This interview advice and tips for standing out among other applicants will give you a greater chance at being selected after you meet a hiring manager.

Arrive 30 minutes early

Even though it will probably be the receptionist who sees you first, you still want to make the best possible initial impression because most receptionists are part of the hiring process. Arrive at your interview 30 minutes early and arrive with a pleasant and professional attitude.

Look and act professional

Your grooming and your attire are critically important to making a good first impression on a hiring manager. You need to be neatly groomed and your business attire needs to be clean, pressed and void of loud colours. Whenever you meet someone new, be sure to smile and act confidently. A positive and professional image is important at your interview.

Research how to answer interview questions

There are several common interview questions that you need to be prepared for before you even set foot in the interviewer’s office. Spend time creating, rehearsing and memorising answers to interview questions and practice your tempo and delivery in front of a mirror and with a trusted associate, friend or family member. Being prepared for your interview also means memorising the name of the interviewer and doing as much research on the company as possible. You will also want to arrive with copies of your CV, paper and a pen as well.

Give concise but focused answers

Interviewers are not fond of job hunters who ramble when they give answers to questions. If a question requires a simple yes or no answer, then that is the only answer you should give. Your memorised answers should be no more than two sentences and you should stop and think about how you will answer unrehearsed questions to make sure that you give concise and focused answers.

Admit when you do not know something

The simple fact is that hiring managers would rather hear you admit that you cannot answer a question rather than having to sit through something you made up. There is a chance that you may not have an answer for every question the interviewer is asking and that is just fine. If you want to stand out at your job interview, then admit that you do not know something and then let the interviewer know that you would love a chance to learn the answer under the guidance of the company. Preparing for a job interview requires days of work and is one of the most important processes of your career. You’ll want to prepare with interview tips and advice for standing out even when a hiring manager has met with multiple candidates. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to impress hiring managers and land the next great job in your career.

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