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Updated : 02/23/2023

If you want to enhance your chances of getting a good job, then you may want to work with a recruiter. In most cases, recruiters do not charge employment candidates for their services. Recruiters give you the chance to be seen by a lot of employers without investing any money. Every recruiter will want to do an interview to get a better idea about your skills and qualifications. You need to treat an interview with a recruiter like you would any other job interview, but there are some unique elements that you need to be aware of.

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Be prepared for a wide Range of questions

Recruiters will often use common job interview questions as part of their screening process, but they will also ask questions that may refer directly to clients they are working for who have specific needs in mind. That means that you need to be prepared for questions that seem as though they are all over the place in terms of focus, but be assured that there is a reason why the recruiter is asking these particular questions.

Be honest and direct with your answers

When a recruiter recommends you to a client, that recruiter puts their reputation on the line. That is why recruiters tend to be very direct and often harsh with their questions. You need to maintain a professional air about you at all times and stay focused on the questions being asked. If a recruiter is going to recommend you to a client, then that recruiter will want to know that you are serious about the job being offered.

Prepare as you would for a standard interview

When you go to an interview with a recruiter, bring extra copies of your CV and references with you. You should be well-groomed, have a clean and professional interview outfit, avoid wearing flashy jewelry, and avoid wearing cologne or perfume. Any preparations you would normally make for a standard interview should be part of your job interview preparation.

Practice extensively in front of a mirror

Any bad habits such as tapping your fingers or shuffling your feet will be amplified when you are at a recruiter interview. In order to make the best possible impression at your interview, you need to practice the delivery of your answers in front of a mirror to make sure that your posture is good and your delivery is clean. You also need to make yourself aware of any bad habits you have and get rid of them by the time the interview takes place.

Find the route to the office the day before

Some recruiters work in inconspicuous offices in plazas that can be difficult to find. Your GPS may insist that you are at your location, but you do not see any recruiter office in front of you. To avoid being late, always plot out the route to the recruiter’s office the day before your interview so that you do not get lost on the big day. Setting up an interview with a recruiter can be a great way to be matched with jobs in otherwise hard-to-access industries, including higher-level and specialised roles. Before you work with a recruiter, though, you’ll need to remember these key elements because it’s just as important to impress a recruiter as it is to eventually impress a hiring manager.

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