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Phone interviews are easily the most convenient and accessible way to get a job. You can talk with a prospective employer from anywhere with phone access, which is idealise for telecommuting jobs or those which would require relocation. While not a lot different than a traditional interview in terms of preparation, there are a few different ways to prepare for a phone interview. You want to get your thoughts focused and your space organised. These tips will help you answer phone interview questions more confidently and give you a greater chance at getting a second interview or landing the job on the spot.

1. Collect your thoughts

In addition to practicing positive thinking and visualising a good outcome, take the time to collect your thoughts. Depending on the position you are applying for, topics such as achievements, hobbies, interests and goals will be more or less important. Take time to think about what matters to you and what your employer will be interested in hearing, and make a plan to refer back to it during the interview.

2. Dress up anyway

Even though no one will be seeing you, avoid the temptation to stay in your pajamas or even your regular street clothes for a phone interview. Instead, put as much effort into preparing for your phone interview as you would an in-person interview. Your confidence will go up when you dress professionally and make yourself look the part.

3. Do a tech check

Before your interview, practice using the software and hardware you will be using to make sure everything is in perfect working order. One main difference in a phone interview is that you will rely entirely on this technology, so even a minor glitch can affect your chances. If you are using a cordless or mobile phone, make sure it is fully charged. For smartphones, make sure no apps are running that might interrupt the call and take time to test your headset, speakers or headphones for functionality.

4. Get your supplies organised

One of the great things about a telephone interview is the ability to take and use notes. If you have specific points you want to remember to discuss, write them down so you can refer to them while you are talking. Your employer won’t be able to see your attention straying to the cards so you will have a much better chance of remembering all that you need to say. In addition to documents and notes, have a glass of water nearby in case you need to clear your throat during the interview.

5. Check for noise pollution

With a phone call in mind, go through your intended interview location and check for potential noise pollution. This might come from background equipment, open windows near a street, or from children or pets in the area. Take necessary steps before your interview to ensure a quiet, uninterrupted talk time with your potential employer.

6. Put a smile in your voice

Tone of voice is especially important over the phone. Practice infusing the right amount of enthusiasm, professionalism and good humour in your voice. You might even try on your “interview voice” with friends to make sure it sounds correct and projects the right combination of confidence, expertise and positivity. Preparing for a phone interview is very similar to preparing for traditional assessment, but as you can see from these phone interview tips, there are special considerations when the phone is your tool instead of a face to face visit. By taking the time to get prepared with phone interview tips like these, your interview will go smoothly and you will find the process much less stressful.

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