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Updated : 02/22/2023

To conduct a better job search, your professional network should be a vast configuration of contacts that you use to find your next job. A network contact could be an individual, an organisation, or a group that can help you to find the job of your dreams.

A job search network is something that starts out small but must grow if you want to be able to use it to find your next job. This selection of job hunting tips provides several ways to build your network and you need to explore as many as possible to enhance your job hunt.

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Talk To Recruiters

Reach out and talk to recruiters

Sometimes they are called recruiters and sometimes they are called headhunters, but they are an essential part of conducting a better job search if you want to find a job fast. You can start with recruiters that are specific to your industry. Then branch out to general employment recruiters if you wish. Each good recruiter will require a face-to-face interview. A recruiter interview is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your job interview skills.

Start getting involved in community organisations

You have always wanted to get involved with a local group that meets to discuss science fiction novels, but you never felt like you had the time. When you are trying to expand your job search network, find the time to make contact with anyone who could help you to expand your search.

You never know where casual connections could lead. Be open. Start getting involved in local community groups and watch how your network grows.

Leverage social media

You do not want to get into the habit of staying inside just to be on social media all day long. A big part of building a job network is meeting people face to face. But social media is an excellent way for you to present your qualifications to the world and start making contact with people who can help you with your job hunt. Always remain professional and courteous on social media and remember to add something to your social media pages every day.

Go to career fairs

Career and job fairs are goldmines for people who want to expand their job search network because they put you in touch with people in your industry who are hiring.

While you may not be ideal for the job that a particular company is promoting at a local job fair, your qualifications may catch the attention of someone else in that company. You could find yourself on the fast track to getting hired.

Go Back to School

Go back to school

Taking classes and going to seminars when you are job hunting accomplishes two very important things. First of all, it gives you a chance to put more educational background on your CV. This can be essential in setting you apart from the rest of the candidates. Secondly, taking classes and seminars also puts you in touch with a wide variety of people. Some of these people will be interested in joining your career network. From teachers to fellow students, you will have plenty of people to network with when you go back to school. Once you’ve built out your professional network, you’ll be able to conduct a better job search with stronger prospects than you could on your own. If you follow these job hunting tips, your professional contacts will grow, and your network will come to you.

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