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An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a piece of software used to screen CV and remove candidates that do not meet the company’s requirements. One of the complaints against using ATS software is that it can often disregard CV that are from qualified applicants. For example, if the ATS software is looking for an accountant but an applicant prefers to refer to themselves as a CPA, then the software would disregard a very capable candidate. Finding a new job can therefore be tricky if you’re not using the right keywords. In an attempt to expand the market for ATS software, developers have tried to create ways for the software to become smarter. There are a few ways in which ATS automation, with its ability to catalog and maintain CV, can help companies to become more efficient at recruiting.

Tracking internal candidates

One of the ways in which ATS software has become smarter is that it has features that allow companies to track the development of current employees and accurately recommend employees who are qualified for upcoming openings in the company. Many companies prefer to promote from within, but the process of screening existing employees can be expensive and tedious. With new ATS automation in place, a company can generate a list of current employees who are both qualified and available to take on a new position within the company.

Enhancing communication

Communication is essential during the recruiting process, and what is especially important is communication between the people involved in hiring new employees. Many ATS titles have started to incorporate workflow features that allow companies to create a path for each CV to follow and make sure that everyone who needs to see a CV does get to see it. Improved communication is going to help make ATS software significantly more helpful in the recruiting process.

Using metrics to improve the process

One of the things that most ATS titles lacked was an ability for hiring managers to evaluate how well the job the software does at screening CV. That is why many ATS developers are including a system of metrics that will allow hiring managers to determine how well the software is screening CV and make changes based on the data. For example, if an ATS program was eliminating CPAs from accounting consideration, then this would show up in the metrics and the problem could be addressed. These kinds of monitoring programs also give hiring managers much more control over the way in which the software separates and eliminates CV from consideration.

More developed mobile apps

The ATS industry is still growing and it is still learning how to utilise certain platforms. One of the platforms that is getting a lot of attention from ATS developers is mobile computing. The apps that developers are creating give users much more insight into their ATS software and allow hiring managers to be able to review information no matter where they are. Your best chance for finding a new job and getting past ATS software being used by employers is to build a strong CV according to the parameters of most software. List your job history and qualifications clearly, use keywords related to the job you’re applying for, and structure your CV logically.

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