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Who would have thought ten years ago we would be submitting our CV by Internet and conducting cross-country interviews via Skype? From social media to the evolution of how we connect with hiring managers and the growing use of applicant tracking systems, job seekers are finding new trends in the ways they conduct everything from their searches to the interviews. Candidates need to be prepared as things will continue to evolve, giving both employers and the potential employee innovative ways to find and interact with one another. Here are five emerging trends that will impact job seekers.

Group interviews

A generation ago this may have seemed absurd but candidates should get comfortable with the idea that they will show up for an interview and be led to a conference room filled with candidates or interviewers. Both will require the candidate to be at the height of their interaction skills. Multiple interviewers will be coming at you fast and furious, hitting any range of points. A session with multiple candidates is going to require each member to get out in front. Wallflowers can expect to go home unfulfilled. Also, both scenarios will make it more difficult to connect on a personal level as one might in a one-on-one situation.

Mobile apps

There are already apps for job seekers, but this trend is going to be one of the fastest growing on- or offline tools available. Mobile apps give everyone the opportunity to discreetly connect with potential employers, eliminating such risks as using your employer’s resources. Not only are there methods for uploading CV, but career planners and job alerts.

Social media and CV could merge

With the wealth of creativity and information the Internet provides, it wouldn’t be surprising for CVs to become an aggregation of social media. A LinkedIn profile could be a conduit for not merely work histories, education and personal information, it could link to projects, blogs, video, infographics, bios, contact options and more. Done well, a hiring manager or recruiter could know everything they need to before picking up the phone for the interview.

Expect communication channels to shift

The fact is we have a whole new generation of job seekers that simply have no patience for print-outs and snail mail. This is a group of young, influential candidates that know video and online presentation, that think in terms of immediate communication. And we’re not talking about email. We’re referring to Facebook and Tweeting. The job market will gradually move in this generation’s direction, giving the post and Tweet more play in the job search.

Follow-up and thank yous

The smart candidate knows how important these are, but with email, these notes are becoming more common. Hiring managers are hearing from candidates within 24 hours of an interview. In your follow-ups and thank you emails, be sure to reference the most positive points of the interview and your goals now that you know more about the position. From internships to CEOs, knowing how to navigate the ever-evolving system is going to give you the edge. Keeping track of these trends is going to be critical for the job seeker. They will provide the smart candidate with a greater handle of the submission and interview process as a whole.

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