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The importance of writing a cover letter that explains why you’re the right person for the job cannot be overstated. But what is a cover letter, and how does it differ from your CV and other application materials? A cover letter is a piece of professional correspondence that introduces your CV package to a hiring manager. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out from other applicants. Learn how to write a cover letter that’s sure to impress the hiring manager for any position using these five essential tips.

1. Be succinct

When you’re writing a cover letter, it’s best to use concise sentences that get right to the point. Hiring managers go through a significant number of CV packages each day, and you need to get to the point with succinct sentences if you want to grab the attention of your ideal employer.

2. Customise your cover letter

You need to make sure that your cover letter is customised to speak directly to the hiring manager about their company and the available position. This requires you to call the company and get on the Internet to do some research. But the chances that your cover letter will get read are much higher when the hiring manager sees information that is specific to their company and career opening.

3. Use a professional format

Hiring managers like it when employment candidates use standard cover letter formats because it is easier to find the information they are looking for. You can use cover letter templates and samples that you can use to put together a cover letter that will grab the attention of a hiring manager and allow that manager to get the information they are looking for as well.

4. Use professional language

One of the most common errors job hunters make with cover letters is writing their cover letters like they were writing a letter to one of their friends. A cover letter should contain professional language that will impress hiring managers in any industry and at any level. You should never use offensive or slang of any kind in a good cover letter.

5. Have someone else read it before you send it

It can be difficult for you to read your cover letter objectively because you put so much work into it, so you should have someone you trust read your cover letter to look for any misspelled words or awkward sentences. Remember that if a sentence looks awkward to your proofreader, then it will look awkward to the hiring manager as well. Adjust the language according to the changes your proofreader recommends before sending out your letter. Finally, writing a cover letter that will get you hired begins with a thorough understanding of why your qualifications match the job you’re applying for. Be sure to customise your CV to provide an empirical demonstration of the points you make in your cover letter. In other words, a cover letter should demonstrate why the items on your CV have prepared you for the job you want.

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