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You’ve just graduated, you’ve got your degree or diploma in hand, and it’s time to strike off in search of your first professional job. If all goes well, employers will be impressed with your CV, and they’ll like the personality and ambition they see as they read between the lines of your cover letter. But in order to make this happen and land the job you’re looking for, you’ll need to keep these tips and guidelines in mind.

Stick to the point

Keep your cover letter short and on-message. To do this without leaving valuable information off the page, you’ll need to master the art of the summary. Before you type the first line of your first draft, know that you’ll have to wrap it up before you reach the end of the page. This can help you stay on track from the beginning. Avoid loading your sentences with fluff and vague, meaningless modifiers.

Move quickly

Move fast through your first draft. Don’t overthink every sentence, just let your words flow and speak from the heart. You’ll edit and change most of your text later, but it’s easier to change what’s already there than it is to stare down a blank page.

Be straightforward

Remember that you aren’t trying to fool or manipulate anyone into giving you something you don’t deserve. This isn’t a gifting exercise; you’re simply explaining what you have to contribute to an employer who wants these skills as strongly as you’d like to offer them. Be clear, direct, and honest about what you’re looking for and what you can do. Employers will be searching for an alignment between your future plans and the plans they have for the company. Create your professional cover letter today with our easy-to-use cover letter builder.

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